O.k, so the wind forecast has changed for the better but there it could still be light…

The local wind forecast (Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing, Littlehampton ect) now suggests cross shore winds. Tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd Feb, still looking like the best day with a morning of 18 knots. A poor outlook for Wednesday but then possible kitesurfing sessions to be had from Thursday onwards, we still say grab it whilst it’s there as the wind has been traditionally flakey! Might be bang on shore on Saturday, if you’re still trying to crack kitesurfing upwind then get to the beach early enough for low tide. See you on the beach!

Wakeskate Kitesurfing Session

Here’s a cheeky photo by Craig Sawyer of Dan Sweeney stylin’ out during Friday’s kitesurfing session in Lancing. Gotta give a lotta respect for all south coast riders who are representing kitesurfing at every given opportunity. Gotta say Little Hapton, Goring, Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham and Hove kitesurfers always seem to be grabbing it whilst it’s there. Keep it up and we could all be sylin’ it out on the water like Dan!

Love the pic? Can’t not!! Wanna get some professional¬† photos or videos of you on the water? You need a pro! Pro, kit, insurance, high def and slow mo vids!!! Kitesurfkings are looking to join forces to give you what you want. Give us a shout…

Kitesurfing in the snow!

January 19, 2010

Check out these kitesurfing photos from last week’s kiting in Lancing…I said I’d get hold of them and here they are:

Here you’ve got Olly Sweeney (Liquid Force Rider) setting his kite up on the ‘green’, although not very green!

Here’s Dan Sweeney (Cabrinha Kitesurfing Rider) with a rather blinging new 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade 8m kite and Cabrinha Custom 2010 kite board.

Kitesurfing runs in their blood it seems, and maybe that helped keep um warm?!

There’s a healthy rivalry between these boys, both living and breathing kitesurfing and representing two very different kitesurfing brands. These boy can both kite!!

Dan Sweeney, from Worthing, is the UK Junior kitesurfing Champion you can follow him at: www.dansweeneyuk.co.uk

Craig Swayer took these photos but you can check out some more of his pics via his site which is: www.craigsawyerphotography.co.uk

Below are some other photos from our kitesurfing session in Lancing last Tuesday: