We’re all very excited about the opportunity to be part of something as awesome as The Big Charity Downwinder, let’s hope some of this wind comes back for the September date options of the 14th/15th, 21st/22nd or 28th/29th… surely we’ll be blessed with wind on one of these dates but only time will tell… stay positive people!

Kitesurfkings are event partners as we think The Big Charity Downwinder is the best kitesurfing events since Worthing’s Big Air Competition last summer… which I have to say was a lot of fun to judge, the crew were awesome and the after party suitably messy!

Our Kitesurfkings Team for The Big Charity Downwinder is now sitting somewhere between 20 and 30 kiters so we’re hopeful of a good turn out and confident of a seriously fun day’s kiting… and after party 😉

There have been lots of questions raised about The Big Charity Downwinder since we received last week’s news that safety cover may have to increase costs by £100 per person, totalling £120 per person before money would then be raised for charity. Things are yet to be confirmed and updates are coming through all the time. If you want to keep up to date then you can pop onto Kiteboarder (a forum for kitesurfers) by using the following link:

It’s obviously a mad time for Dan Charlish, the rest of the Snow Camp team and all involved. This is a bit of a plea that whilst negotiations and debates continue about how best to tackle the current challenges, people drop the beef. There’s a huge amount of suport and positivity but there are also those who hide behind their computer screens and hurl abuse… dudes! Constructive feedback’s awesome but in the words of Roots Manuva ”why bring beef to a veggie?”.

Please know that Dan is a stand up guy who we totally vouch for; Dan and the team are putting great effort into creating an event that brings s’thing new, exciting and inclusive for all kitesurfers to take part in a none profit format that can generate money for worthy charities.

If the only feasible option for The Big Charity Downwinder to go ahead will be that fees must increase then riders will have the option to withdraw their initial £20 sign up fee. The Big Charity Downwinder is not a money spinner for the organisers, they are just trying to give something back so please be supportive, considerate and if applicable, constructive.

I had to cancel Kitesurfkings kitesurf lessons today due to the dangerous conditions but it was nice to be able to meet up with guys this morning before they set off for a trial run of The Big Charity Downwinder… hope you make it alright! It’s mental out there! Looking forward to chatting later to see how the challenging conditions effected things… and by challenging we’re talking gusts of 35 knots, lulls of 12 and a constant shift from SW to SE! It’s been sitting at SE for a while so maybe they’ll never make it back!!

Note: these are not the conditions The Big Charity Downwinder will run with, today is a test run with accomplished riders (mostly 😉