Kitesurf Tuesday (16th Feb)

February 15, 2010

Also known as Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday…

For us south coast kitesurfers there’s just the one day in the seven day forecasts that looks like it’s going to happen and that is tomorrow. A kitesurfers dream forecast, 20 to 25 knots all day, wind from the south west and even a little bit of swell. Low tide for us in Shoreham is at 6.30 and 18.45 so the door is open to all for pre and post work kitesurf sessions! I’m off to cry a tear of sadness as have doctors orders to rest a damaged knee.


Right now is it -1’c and it is snowing! Not the heavy kinda snow that makes you think of grabbing your kite and hitting the slopes but then this is how it always starts. There’s more snow up north and it could be back for the whole country! Check out the blog entry from 16th Jan to see what can be done if the snow comes back with force. Can’t drive in it? That’s what I thought but Kev drove his T4 all the way up to Devil’s Dyke for four days during the heavy snow in Jan, not saying you should just that it can be done!

Wind?! Yeah, you know the score. It’s all off shore here on the south coast and the various wind forecasts are al harmonious. There is wind due and so if there is a decent snow fall then let’s take a lead from everyone that was making the most of it in January and who’s tales we’ve been subject to. How high did you say?

Good times were had kite landboarding on the w’end and it was nice to have four kiters on 10m inflatable’s styling it on Saturday, kinda worth damaging my knee for! Hello to the guys from London that had come down for the day and were loving the ‘super clean wind and amaizing views’, yeah the wind was good and for sure it’s nice by the coast, gotta say your local spot of Richmond, London sounds dire! Drink rather than kiting was the subject of interest on Sat night, leaving drinks for Jamie Mills who won’t be kiting or teaching here on the south coast for a while after scouring a job teaching in the Cook Islands! Good luck Jamie, do get a haircut though fella!

To the one kitesurfer out in Lancing when I got to Shoreham this morning at 7.30, I salute you! A few other kitersurfers could be seen as the morning rolled on, although it was hard to see up the coast through the grey. Although grey it was, how great to be out! 20 knots on arrival, highest gusts today were at 8.30 and reached 28 knots. Wind flicked around from SW to straight W and the waves were reasonable. Good times.

Above’s a photo taken by Craig Sawyer of Dan Sweeney, neither being put off by the cold, who’s more mental? The guys doing the kitesurfing or Craig standing in the water taking photos?!

Missed today’s session? All is not lost…

The wind forecast for the weekend has improved: Saturday the forecast is 15 to 20 knots SW/S/SW, so could be bang on shore or our fav, south-west. Aim for low tide if its early days for you or you might not get out. Sunday forecast is now 19 to 20 knots SW – yeah baby! Low tide at 11.40, come on south coast kitesurfers, let’s represent!

Kitesurfkings are running lessons on both days, get your name down if you want to be on the hit list.

Tough Kitesurfing Conditions

December 1, 2009



Not gonna love this but have got our health and safety hats on…

It’s great to see the crew’s kitesurfing along the south coast and that we’ve had so much wind! O.k, so it’s not the warmest but the Hove hardcore, Lancing looneys and Shoreham massive have been putting on extra layers, getting into the sea and riding the waves. If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that we don’t manage to get much further than that, a bit sad, also what rhymes with Worthing, Goring or Littlehampton?

Lots of south coast kitesurfers have been getting caught out quite a bit recently; one minute it’s windy, the next it’s not, windy, not, windy, not, off shore! Nice! Gotta expect challenging kitesurf conditions in the winter months but we’ve had to rescue quite a few kiters in Shoreham (including the odd self rescue). The life boats have been out rescuing kiters too and as far as we know no one has come to any serious harm.

It’s great no one has come to any harm and it is always a bit of a mission kitesurfing through the winter but there are things we can do, like not going so far out the back and always having a kite buddy. We’re not your parents but don’t want anyone to get into any trouble or for the sport to loose face. If you’re still early days in terms of your kitesurfing progression then get some advise, wrap up super warm in case you do get caught out and be mindful that 25 knots in the winter is like 30 in the summer. Lecture over!



Not had swine flu yet? Keep it that way, it sucks!! Kite surfing lessons have still been carried out buy the KSK’s team and our Student Session to Zaafarana continued as planned, gutted I didn’t get to join the session to Zaf but we still had two IKO instructors for the group and everyone has been having a blinder, wind everyday! New guys that are now kite surfers! Yeah baby!! More details when the guys get back next week.

So, Zaafarana…

Maybe not the place to go on your own but if you’re interested in joing a group then we have Beginner Kitesurfing Sessions and Advanced Kite Clinics planned for 2010 – don’t miss out, get in contact.

Brighton, Shoreham, Lancing and South Coast kitesurfing in general has been a challenge in terms of kite surfing lessons because there’s not as much light any more and the wind has either been too light or too strong; Kitesurfkings are not giving up on you! We are still teaching and will continue to do so. Lessons are cancelled for tomorrow as 60mph winds and 15ft swell is not what we’re looking for but it could be good times for experienced kite surfers.

2010 Cabrinha kit has been making its way to us in bits and pieces, we love you Cabrinha kites! How nice are the 2010 Cabrinha kites!!! If you have not seen, flown or investigated them yet then what have you been doing?! Kitesurfkings are agents for Cabrinha Kitesurfing and have Cabrinha Switchblades, Cabrinha Converts, Cabrinha Crossbows and Cabrinha Nomads in stock – Cabrinha tastic!! Give me a call directly to chat kit and deals (Luke 07878 399 419). I’m looking forward to trying the smaller sized kites tomorrow and getting to play on the new Cabrinha Custom board; I’ve had a play already and it is like no other board, a nice toy to add to the colection. Anyway, kit, kit, kit…

Hope to see the South Coast massive representing South Coast kitesurfing tomorrow, it’s gonna be big! If you’re still early days or still learning to kitesurf (hopefully we’re all still learning – hope you know what I mean) then just hang out and save it for Sunday as it could be a lot calmer.