Right now is it -1’c and it is snowing! Not the heavy kinda snow that makes you think of grabbing your kite and hitting the slopes but then this is how it always starts. There’s more snow up north and it could be back for the whole country! Check out the blog entry from 16th Jan to see what can be done if the snow comes back with force. Can’t drive in it? That’s what I thought but Kev drove his T4 all the way up to Devil’s Dyke for four days during the heavy snow in Jan, not saying you should just that it can be done!

Wind?! Yeah, you know the score. It’s all off shore here on the south coast and the various wind forecasts are al harmonious. There is wind due and so if there is a decent snow fall then let’s take a lead from everyone that was making the most of it in January and who’s tales we’ve been subject to. How high did you say?

Good times were had kite landboarding on the w’end and it was nice to have four kiters on 10m inflatable’s styling it on Saturday, kinda worth damaging my knee for! Hello to the guys from London that had come down for the day and were loving the ‘super clean wind and amaizing views’, yeah the wind was good and for sure it’s nice by the coast, gotta say your local spot of Richmond, London sounds dire! Drink rather than kiting was the subject of interest on Sat night, leaving drinks for Jamie Mills who won’t be kiting or teaching here on the south coast for a while after scouring a job teaching in the Cook Islands! Good luck Jamie, do get a haircut though fella!

Bring Back The Snow!

February 9, 2009

Last Monday, excited by the prospect of snow kiting in England, we filled a 4×4 with toys and hit the Downs. The wind wasn’t quite enough to kite but much fun was had building kickers and playing in the soft powder. Sadly, unlike the rest of the country, we didn’t get the predicted full week of snow. Lesson here, like with the wind, you’ve gotta grab it when you can.

Here we are again and it’s a less than inspirational Monday but there is some wind. Low tide’s at 5pm so we’re aiming for a 3pm session. Gusty and on shore it maybe but the week’s forecast is for off shore winds and more rain, bit of a kick in the pants, but it’s here today…

We are really pleased to see that when the winds been in there’s still been a good presence on the water from all local crews with Shoreham, Lancing, Brighton, Hove, Chichester, Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Hastings, Rye, Camber, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Seaford and many more locations across East and West Sussex fully representing.