Shamefully this is the first blog for over a year! Oops!! There’s been loads going on and so much to shout about… it’s just we’ve been getting on and doing it 😉

Now that the nights are drawing in I’ll try and pop a few blogs up and share what’s been going on and what’s happening in 2015. For now I’ve been asked to share the details below as there’s a sale going down! Still 30% on other available 2014 Cabrinha kit but 45% is a pretty sexy sale price for kit that’s hardly used.

Get in touch ASAP if you’re interested in anything on the list (07878 399 419 or 01273 88 88 33 or email info@kitesurfkings.com), there are some real gems:

Ex Demo Kite for Sale
Cabrinha 2014
2014 Cabrinha Switchblade – Siren 9 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Velocity – Complete 16 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Vector – Complete 11 Col 6
2014 Cabrinha Vector – Complete 12 Col 6
2014 Cabrinha Chaos – Complete 9 Col 11 (Wild)
2014 Cabrinha Chaos – Complete 11 Col 11 (Wild)
2014 Cabrinha Contra – Complete 15 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Drifter – Complete 7 Col 2
2014 Cabrinha Drifter – Complete 9 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber – Board Only 135
2014 Cabrinha XO Siren – Complete 136
2014 Cabrinha XO Siren – Complete 136
2014 Cabrinha Custom – Board Only 136
2014 Cabrinha Custom – Board Only 140
2014 Cabrinha Tronic – Board Only 137
2014 Cabrinha Spectrum – Complete 141
2014 Cabrinha Trigger – Fins Only 5’11”
2014 Cabrinha S Quad – Fins Only 5’10”
Neil Pryde Sails 2014
2014 Neil Pryde Combat 5 C1 Orange
2014 Neil Pryde Wizard 5.4 C2 Blue/Green
2014 Neil Pryde RS Slalom 7.8
2014 Neil Pryde EO VI Racing 7.8
JP Windsurfing Boards 2014
2014 JP Magic Ride Pro 104
2014 JP All Ride Pro 116
2014 JP Slalom Pro 68
JP SUP 2014
2014 JP Surf Pro 8’2
2014 JP Surf Pro 9’2
2014 JP Venus WS Gloss 11’2
2014 JP Race Flat Water Carbon 14’x27
2014 JP Surf Wood 9’6

In this blog you can look through a list of 2013 Cabrinha kites we have on sale. Some new and still boxed, others used a handful of times, there are real bargains to be had! All of the pricing for the 2014 Cabrinha Kitesurf range will be posted shortly as I’ll physically have them in my hands this time next week and so can share not only the pricing but the full low down.

Cabrinha Kite SaleIf you are in the market for a kite you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’re looking for a kite to complement or upgrade the kites you have, whatever the reason I’d be surprised if we don’t have a gem in our Kitesurfkings kite clearance for you; we’ve even discounted some of our clearance kites and have new, used and x-demo 2013’s available on sale. Tell your friend’s, they’ll thank you for it!

Save £550 on a new kite or over £800 on a kite that’s been flown 10 times… keep reading!

Cabrinha kites are considered the Rolls Royce of kitesurfing kites for good reason and that’s why you generally have to pay a little more than many other brands. You get what you pay for! We have not had a single warranty issue with any of the Cabrinha kites we’ve sold since starting 8 years ago… so the qualities not in question! There are just too many awesome features to list, Cabrinha are world leaders in kitesurf innovation and once you have owned one of their new kites they’ll be no looking back.

The Quicklink bar system has revolutionised kitesurfing in terms of control, comfort and most importantly, safety. The Cabrinha Quicklink control bar stands years and years ahead of the ‘competition’. The second safety release is a button inside the chicken loop, so no trying to find your leash if underwater or getting dragged. You can untwist your front lines with your first safety release so, unlike other four line brands, your safety system has no reason to jam or fail on you. One of the nicest things is that you have total depower just from releasing the bar, as the centre line is much longer than other brands but always in reach due to a coil at the top of the centre line. This coil offers additional depower, as apposed to hitting a conventional stopper and retaining power.

Watch this short video on You Tube to get a better understanding (may have to copy and paste the link/URL): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkJtGYxyTw0

I cannot find anyone offering better prices for any of the new, used or x-demo Cabrinha kites than those listed in this blog. I’ve even scrolled through Ebay and the other Cabrinha sales agents’ sites to ensure you’re getting the best possible deals.

Personal kites: used but no repairs, no damage, still crispy and as new. Only reason for sale is that they’re being replaced by 2014’s. 5.5, 7, 11 and 12 have hardly been used, the 9’s been the kite of choice but still in mint condition from the limited use:

5.5m 2013 Cabrinha Chaos Complete RRP £1305 NOW £710 (used 5 or 6 times)

7m 2013 Cabrinha Drifter Complete RRP £1390 NOW £780 (used 5 times – bought in June)

9m 2013 Cabrinha Chaos Complete RRP £1480 NOW £750

11m Cabrinha Chaos Complete RRP £1560 NOW £850

12m 2012 Cabrinha Switchblade Complete with 2013 bar/line RRP £1505 NOW £700 (bought this year (2013) specifically for a two week trip to Zanzibar)

One careful lady owner, immaculate:

6m 2013 Cabrinha Siren (‘girls’ colour Switchblade with close reach ‘girls’ bar/lines) Complete RRP £1305 NOW £750

10m 2013 Cabrinha Siren (‘girls’ colour Switchblade with close reach ‘girls’ bar/lines) Complete RRP £1480 NOW £850


Ex demo and used in school since May (so very few times, awesome condition). Available in next couple of weeks, taking deposits now:

7m 2013 Cabrinha Vector Completes RRP £1180 NOW £550 to £650

9m 2013 Cabrinha Vector Completes RRP £1265 NOW £600 to £680

12m 2013 Cabrinha Vector Completes RRP £1435 NOW £650 to £750


Brand new, still boxed, 2013 kite completes (all with over a 30% discount):

7m 2013 Cabrinha Vector Complete RRP £1180 NOW £800

11m Cabrinha Switchblade 2013 Complete RRP £1525 NOW £1059

11m Cabrinha Crossbow 2013 Complete RRP £1739 NOW £1189

11m Cabrinha Chaos 2013 Complete RRP £1565 NOW £1079

12m Cabrinha Vector 2013 Complete RRP £1350 NOW £939

11m Cabrinha Vector 2013 Complete RRP £1438 NOW £989


What total bargains! If you’ve been dreaming of owning a new Cabrinha kite but couldn’t afford it, well, hopefully now you can. Flown kites are not usually sold in such incredible condition; now, due to the late arrival of 2013 kit this year and early arrival of 2014 kite, here’s your opportunity.

Call or email me directly so as not to miss out:

Luke: 07878 399 419           luke@kitesurfkings.com

We have some of the 2014 Cabrinha kites in the country and are just awaiting the bars. I’m going to list the RRP pricing with pics but having an issue uploading pics right now so you’ll just have to wait… or give me a call. We offer a price guarantee to ensure get you the best deals on all kites, old and new.



Just about all of our new toys are through from Cabrinha and they continue to blow us away! Last week I added a 5th kite to my quiver with a new 7m 2013 Cabrinha Drifter and haven’t stopped smiling since!

Perfection comes at a price but if you act quickly you might be able to get between 30 and 40% off a new Cabrinha! We’re smashing everyone’s pricing by creating packages that are only possible through Kitesurfkings. We could save you up to £640 off just one kite! Call (+44) 01273 88 88 33 or (+44) 07878 399 419, alternatively email me directly at: luke@kitesurfkings.com

cabrinha 2013 kites


Rather than review the 2013 Cabrinha kite and board range in full I’m going to keep it short and sweet by focussing on some of the new arrivals that have really rocked our kiting worlds. You can read through Cabrinha write ups on their website but this review reflects our views.

Kitesurfkings hosted the first public kit demo for the 2013 Cabrinha kite and board range at Shoreham Beach on the 19th July 2012 and, just the 2012 Cabrinha demo day in 2011, the wind really delivered on the day. If you kite the south coast of England you’ll know it’s seriously lucky to bag wind on a given day! Especially two years in a row 😉 This resulted in a lot of super stoked kitesurfers enjoying afterwork, sunset sessions on the latest offerings from Cabrinha and their 2013 kite and board range.

After the demo day I ordered myself a full quiver of Cabrinha Chaos kites(well 5.5m, 9m and 11m to be exact), Cabrinha’s new c-kite for 2013. Needless to say they are awesome kites and the feedback I have received from other riders around the world has all been extremely positive. Cabrinha have really opened the lid on exciting kiting sessions for the more experienced rider. Although the Chaos’ predecessor, the Cabrinha Nomad, catered for the more hardcore freestylers by looping comfortably and offering solid performance when unhooking it was a hybrid and could never loop quite as fast, have as much consistency or be as smooth and predictable whilst unhooked as a dedicated c-kite. Cabrinha, we salute you, please don’t take it away from us in 2014!!

2013 Cabrinha Chaos

Recommendations and reviews are always going to be subjective and are going to take into account personal opinion. So, if you’re reading this Kitesurfkings blog for the first time then please let me introduce myself. My name’s Luke Denny, I’m the homeless looking dude in the picture above. I run Kitesurfkings, which is the longest running kitesurf school in the area and I do as much teaching myself as possible. Before starting Kitesurfkings I managed a kitesurf shop for three years, needless to say I love kites and have flown a lot of them. This leads me onto quite a bold statement…

…The 2013 7m Cabrinha Drifter is the best kite I have ever flown!

Come and have a demo or just take my word but if you like wave riding then get your wallet out! We guarantee to give you the best price available and you could have a 2013 Drifter (or any of the other Cabrinha kites or boards) in your hands, depending on where in the world you live, within 24 hours! Anyway, why the Drifter?

Well, if you like the idea of feeling continually connected to a kite, never experiencing any stalls, luffs or slack lines, being able to through a kite around, flying it across the wind window or using kite and down loops to turn with a continual power delivery but without being over powered or pulled off of your wave… it’s all about the 2013 Cabrinha Drifter! Come and fly one today, they are incredible!!! Oh, yes, the obvious stuff: great relaunch, wind range and market leading safety systems – standard Cabrinha Rolls Royce standards.

I’m so excited about the 2013 Cabrinha Drifter that I’ll teach you to kitesurf for free if you buy one, honestly! If you live too far away from the south coast of England to come for UK lessons then I’ll give you a £300 credit towards a Kitesurfkings international session… or maybe a free kite board – just for buying the perfect kite, the 2013 Cabrinha Drifter!

2013 Cabrinha Drifter

Our top three Cabrinha changes from 2012 to 2013 have been the addition of their c-kite, the Cabrinha Chaos, the fine tuning that has upped the 2013 Drifter’s freestyle performance, making it an incredible all rounder that’s born to ride waves and the Switchblade’s Siren series with corresponding ‘woman’s’ bar. There are signs of real change in Cabrinha’s kite boards too, with the 2013 kiteboards being the first to come from Cabrinha’s own, dedicated, kite board factory. I think we’ll see more from Cabrinha’s latest investment into the development of kitesurfing in 2014 but there are already signs of real brilliance coming through.

Exciting advancements have also been made with Cabrinha’s Switchblade, Crossbow and Vector kites, not to mention the beautiful, black and white Quicklink bar set up, but I don’t know if I’d ever stop typing so will draw a line here! There have been many awesome changes made to Cabrinha’s 2013 product range but if you’re interested in finding out more then it’ll save everyone’s eyes if you just get on the phone (+44) 01273 88 88 33 or (+44) 07878 399 419 and ask away.

Cabrinha aren’t the only kite brand in the world but they are the best 😉

Perfection comes at a price but if you act quickly you might be able to get between 30 and 40% off that price. We’re smashing everyone’s pricing by creating packages that are only possible through Kitesurfkings. We could save you up to £640 off just one kite! Call (+44) 01273 88 88 33 or (+44) 07878 399 419, alternatively email me directly at luke@kitesurfkings.com