Fun at the Cable

April 26, 2011

On Thursday 14th we saw the press launch for Brighton and Hove’s first cable, we got to see how the pro’s did it… last Thursday we gave it a go!

Yeah!? Not quite as stylish, backwards with no bar!

The transition from kitesurfing to riding the cable was interesting, both let you skim across the water, carve around and attempt tricks but the style of riding and mindset for each disapline are completely different. We had a great time at the cable yesterday and are looking forward to our next session (as long as not still too sore!) but have come to the conclussion that kitesurfing and cable are completely different sports and that focusing on the cable as something completely new will help all kitesurfers get the most out of it.

We hit the cable yesterday expecting to take some of our fav kitesurf tricks and nail them on the lagoon… this didn’t quite happen as planned but we had a lot of fun trying and know there’s a lot of work to to put in before we’ll be rocking any of the styles on show at last week’s press launch. The pic above shows yours truely going for a surface pass, as you can see the bar’s not even in the picture! Oh well, now thinking that a kicker (ramp) would have made this possible, doing it going over the slider or even just getting a nice bit of pop off the water but solely going for the handle pass wasn’t the one…  if you don’t try and all that!

Here are some pics of yesterday’s successful and not so successful first attempts on the cable:

Andrinha hitting the slider (in a stylin’ new pair of bindings girl)

First railey attempt on the cable…

O.K, so my actual railey was alright…
No need, or time, to spot a landing just gotta get board back…
Back on the water, first attempt, you da m….
Taking time out in Nemo’s world!

All wrong… railey, back roll madness worth a laugh…

Edging super hard… too hard maybe?
Rotating after edging too hard
Bringing legs up and round to complete rotation
Bad planning, all a bit late, it’s not going to end well…

cheers for a great cable session, sorry for the delay getting the pics up, still feeling it but looking forward to tomorrow’s… Kitesurfkings private session at the cable all booked for tomorrow but will pop next slots up on FB.

Edging hard

Releasing the edge

Throwing head back and going for it

Hon brings his back foot round to become the front for a cheeky toe side landing

It had all been looking so good but a challenging landing when kiting, cable gave no forgiveness