Right now is it -1’c and it is snowing! Not the heavy kinda snow that makes you think of grabbing your kite and hitting the slopes but then this is how it always starts. There’s more snow up north and it could be back for the whole country! Check out the blog entry from 16th Jan to see what can be done if the snow comes back with force. Can’t drive in it? That’s what I thought but Kev drove his T4 all the way up to Devil’s Dyke for four days during the heavy snow in Jan, not saying you should just that it can be done!

Wind?! Yeah, you know the score. It’s all off shore here on the south coast and the various wind forecasts are al harmonious. There is wind due and so if there is a decent snow fall then let’s take a lead from everyone that was making the most of it in January and who’s tales we’ve been subject to. How high did you say?

Good times were had kite landboarding on the w’end and it was nice to have four kiters on 10m inflatable’s styling it on Saturday, kinda worth damaging my knee for! Hello to the guys from London that had come down for the day and were loving the ‘super clean wind and amaizing views’, yeah the wind was good and for sure it’s nice by the coast, gotta say your local spot of Richmond, London sounds dire! Drink rather than kiting was the subject of interest on Sat night, leaving drinks for Jamie Mills who won’t be kiting or teaching here on the south coast for a while after scouring a job teaching in the Cook Islands! Good luck Jamie, do get a haircut though fella!

Already Summer?

April 29, 2009

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Isn’t all this sun so very welcome! Just a little bit more wind and there will be no need to speak badly of English weather again.

Kitesurfkings have been crazy busy, loads of cool stuff going on!

Great reports back from Chris, Christian and Karine out in El Gouna on our kite clinic; our groups have been loving the spot, getting some serious kitesurf sessions in and having maximum fun both on and off the water. We are already booking up our new spot for the next kite clinics – dates coming soon!!!

Regular kite surfing holidays are now being put together for all levels of rider – or wanna be riders. Get in touch if you’re after both sun and wind!?

The 2009 Cabrinha IDS kites have been causing quite a stir. They might have taken their time getting into the country but they’re here and available so do the right thing and purchase a kite you’ll really love – one that actually does what it says!

Kitesurfkings have been asked to help with some up and coming events, some charity, some out of love and others to pay the rent.  On Saturday 3rd of May 2009 Kitesurfkings are helping to raise money for wind surfers 4 cancer research. Everyone taking part will be meeting up at numerous different beaches across the country – 16 in total. We are hoping to sail from sun rise to sun set; if there’s no wind then just being on the water will do, surf boards, paddle boards, rubber rings – whatever floats! All you’ve gotta do is hang out and enjoy the nice kite spot and participants. One of our instructors has already raised £700 – good work Dunk, u da man. Kitesurfkings will be attending the Hayling Island event. It would be great to see you there. Please check out http://www.windsurfing4cancerresearch.com
All donations will be gratefully received. Many thanks!

As usual weather forecasts haven’t been very accurate but we’ve been seeing some cheeky little sea breezes building. Last week we saw a few cheeky sea breezes kick in late afternoon. Today for example the wind’s been building and if you big kites and boards you could be in luck. Wind is predicted for tomorrow (Thursday 30th) so fingers crossed for that and we’ll see you on the water.

We have full time instructors so when there’s wind we can teach you. Last Friday was a great day for lots of our students who were stylin’ it at Shoreham Beach, Sussex – much respect to Gary from Lancing and Miles from Hove who gave it their all and had really good sessions. On Saturday the wind was great first thing but died out in the afternoon but all was not lost. Not all groups were able to run which was a shame as we had lots of students come down from London – not a total loss and a great day was still had.

Wherever you are, Hove, Brighton, Lancing, Worthing, Littlehampton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Sussex, South Coast, London, Wales, Scotland, Ireland – you’ve seen people kite surfing and know you wanna give it a go…
If you’re already kite surfing then get in contact about joining one of our sessions, demos, events or trips abroad. If you’re not yet kiting then what are you waiting for? Get in contact and get yourselves booked in now so you’ll be rockin’ your own kite surfing styles and not just watching and wishing.

Some of our students are wishing to upgrade to the latest Cabrinha IDS kites and want to sell their kites – as you’d guess these kites haven’t seen much action so there are some good deals to be had. Kitesurfkings are not taking a cut or adding commission. If you’re interested then get in contact and we can hook you up with the sellers.

Up for grabs:

•    9m Naish Boxer SLE complete
•    11m 2007 Best Waroo complete
•    7m 2008 Cabrinha Convert complete
•    9 & 12m 2007 Cabrinha Omega completes
•    16m 2006 Cabrinha Contra complete

That’s all from me for now, back to watching the wind and see if we’re going to be kite surfing tonight on the South Coast??

Bring Back The Snow!

February 9, 2009

Last Monday, excited by the prospect of snow kiting in England, we filled a 4×4 with toys and hit the Downs. The wind wasn’t quite enough to kite but much fun was had building kickers and playing in the soft powder. Sadly, unlike the rest of the country, we didn’t get the predicted full week of snow. Lesson here, like with the wind, you’ve gotta grab it when you can.

Here we are again and it’s a less than inspirational Monday but there is some wind. Low tide’s at 5pm so we’re aiming for a 3pm session. Gusty and on shore it maybe but the week’s forecast is for off shore winds and more rain, bit of a kick in the pants, but it’s here today…

We are really pleased to see that when the winds been in there’s still been a good presence on the water from all local crews with Shoreham, Lancing, Brighton, Hove, Chichester, Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Hastings, Rye, Camber, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Seaford and many more locations across East and West Sussex fully representing.

Welcome to Kitesurfkings!

December 18, 2008

Welcome to the Kitesurfkings news page!

We will post lots of news and updates about Kitesurfkings here!

Check out our new website at www.kitesurfkings.com

We love kitesurfing and know that, if you don’t already, there’s a good chance you will too!

Our aim is to maximise your enjoyment of the sport. If you’re already kiting that’s great but we want to offer you more. If you’re wishing to get started or are going through the learning process we want to help you.

Kitesurfkings bring a safe and fun service to all levels of rider, from beginner to advanced, abiding to strict IKO and RYA regulations. We teach our students in a safe, responsible manner, putting their needs first and making sure they have a great experience.

Kitesurfing was started in 90’s by madmen with great ideas; at that time safety, total de-power and effortless relaunch were phrases used, but not in connection with kitesurfing! Much changed in the years that followed. Modern kites have evolved the ‘extreme’ sport to more than just a distant dream or spectator sport. The huge wind ranges, stability in gusty winds, effortless relaunch and awesome de-power have made the sport more accessible and much much safer. The wondrous speed, lift and boosting capabilities of many modern kites leave everything to your imagination!

Kitesurfing is done independently but as part of a community of other proactive individuals. It’s unlikely anyone put up a kite safely, jumped on a board & cruised off upwind on their first session.

With the right coaching and support kitesurfing can be enjoyed from day one and there’s always something new to learn, achieve or strive for. Initially securing control over the kite can be a great achievement; with time riding, doing tricks & surfing waves will follow – and will blow you away!