Calling all kitesurfers…

February 16, 2011

Get a pair of booties and gloves and get in the sea, it really is ALL GOOD! The kitesurfing has been great recently but not so many people have been kiting. What was with today?! The sun was out, we had an easterly wind of around 18 knots in Shoreham but there were no other kites to be seen all along the coast! Was there something else important happening today… and don’t tell me everyone on the south coast had to work or that all of the chippies, plumbers, window fitters and builders, for whom ‘flexi’ time works so well for thought the summer, could not make a session from 13.00 to 18.00. Has the world gone soft because I know it hasn’t fallen out of love with Kitesurfing.

We had a good lesson in Shoreham then I had a solo kite. Tell me wasup Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Lancing n Goring? Not loving the lack of rain, or was the tide too low? Maybe 18+ knots isn’t where it’s at for kitesurfers these days?! Sure, many of us like the odd extreme day’s kitesurfing but around 18 knots was always the dream. If it had come from nothing I could understand why people weren’t kitesurfing but we started in Shoreham this morning with around 10 knots and that built to 15, then a sweet 18 to 20 at low tide.

At least are students have been loving the wind and getting their beginner courses in with us before the summer fully kicks in so the’ll be independent kitesurfers catching the sea breezes whenever they choose…

Well done to Kerry for getting up on the board today and to Sam and Dan who cruised through their beginner course last w’end. Looking good again this w’end… if my understanding of good is anything to go by?!

Sunset kitesurfing sessions... only in Shoreham it seems!

Learn to kitesurf with us, come to kitesurf with us

Hello! Gotta a  plan. Gonna check the wind at 7am and if there’s 16+ knots am heading to Lancing to meet Andrina and have a kitesurf session in Lancing around 8. Andrina’s got new toys but I’ll be on black and red Cabrinha Switchblade, unlikely they’ll be a massive crowd but more than Tuesday! Fingers crossed for a bit of wind! Hope to see you at the beach.

To the one kitesurfer out in Lancing when I got to Shoreham this morning at 7.30, I salute you! A few other kitersurfers could be seen as the morning rolled on, although it was hard to see up the coast through the grey. Although grey it was, how great to be out! 20 knots on arrival, highest gusts today were at 8.30 and reached 28 knots. Wind flicked around from SW to straight W and the waves were reasonable. Good times.

Above’s a photo taken by Craig Sawyer of Dan Sweeney, neither being put off by the cold, who’s more mental? The guys doing the kitesurfing or Craig standing in the water taking photos?!

Missed today’s session? All is not lost…

The wind forecast for the weekend has improved: Saturday the forecast is 15 to 20 knots SW/S/SW, so could be bang on shore or our fav, south-west. Aim for low tide if its early days for you or you might not get out. Sunday forecast is now 19 to 20 knots SW – yeah baby! Low tide at 11.40, come on south coast kitesurfers, let’s represent!

Kitesurfkings are running lessons on both days, get your name down if you want to be on the hit list.

O.k, so the wind forecast has changed for the better but there it could still be light…

The local wind forecast (Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing, Littlehampton ect) now suggests cross shore winds. Tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd Feb, still looking like the best day with a morning of 18 knots. A poor outlook for Wednesday but then possible kitesurfing sessions to be had from Thursday onwards, we still say grab it whilst it’s there as the wind has been traditionally flakey! Might be bang on shore on Saturday, if you’re still trying to crack kitesurfing upwind then get to the beach early enough for low tide. See you on the beach!

Wakeskate Kitesurfing Session

Here’s a cheeky photo by Craig Sawyer of Dan Sweeney stylin’ out during Friday’s kitesurfing session in Lancing. Gotta give a lotta respect for all south coast riders who are representing kitesurfing at every given opportunity. Gotta say Little Hapton, Goring, Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham and Hove kitesurfers always seem to be grabbing it whilst it’s there. Keep it up and we could all be sylin’ it out on the water like Dan!

Love the pic? Can’t not!! Wanna get some professional  photos or videos of you on the water? You need a pro! Pro, kit, insurance, high def and slow mo vids!!! Kitesurfkings are looking to join forces to give you what you want. Give us a shout…

Kitesurfing in the snow!

January 19, 2010

Check out these kitesurfing photos from last week’s kiting in Lancing…I said I’d get hold of them and here they are:

Here you’ve got Olly Sweeney (Liquid Force Rider) setting his kite up on the ‘green’, although not very green!

Here’s Dan Sweeney (Cabrinha Kitesurfing Rider) with a rather blinging new 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade 8m kite and Cabrinha Custom 2010 kite board.

Kitesurfing runs in their blood it seems, and maybe that helped keep um warm?!

There’s a healthy rivalry between these boys, both living and breathing kitesurfing and representing two very different kitesurfing brands. These boy can both kite!!

Dan Sweeney, from Worthing, is the UK Junior kitesurfing Champion you can follow him at:

Craig Swayer took these photos but you can check out some more of his pics via his site which is:

Below are some other photos from our kitesurfing session in Lancing last Tuesday:

Finally back in the water!

January 12, 2010

Had some wind today, woop, woop!

Chris and I went to Lancing and met up with John Woods (all his idea), Dan Sweeney, Olly and Craig for a kitesurf session in the snow! O.k, so it wasn’t actually snowing whilst we were kiting but there was still loads of it everywhere and there’s the walk from the car park to the beach – so needless to say we were rather cold before we got into the water.

SE wind at 19 knots, so rather sweet, water was a bit lumpy and the wind chill brought the temp to -4! Personally it wasn’t the temp that was the issue, I’ve just turned into a wimp from not kiting enough before the New Year, as spent all windy days teaching kitesurfing in Shoreham and not actually doing any kitesurfing. Had no power, so it’s time to get fit again for the season ahead. Any ideas how to get quick fast?

Chris said he’d never felt such pain after kiting today without any gloves, he did try to buy mine for £50 just before we got into the water but then I’d have been in the same state as he was when he came off the water. Dan Sweeney was busting some stylin’ moves but didn’t get as much footage as planned; just read on Dan’s website  that he felt like he was ‘going to die’ – well dude, you’re gonna feel like that when you get to kitesurf all these sweet spots in your boardies. There’s no place like, or as cold, as home!

Olly did the phattest 2nd tack kitesurfing move I’ve seen anyone pull off in Lancing for quite some time, well done you! Phat railey, slick handle pass and super smooth landing in front of a wave and just meters from the beach. Gotta be happy with that, but not stacking his new LF kite into the groynes moments after causing serious damage. John didn’t care he was under powered on his kite and shot off down the beach in full bindings, unhooking and playing around before walking back up the beach with a random find by way of a 2lt bottle of milk?! Half way towards that, post kite session, cuppa tea.

Try n get some picture from the session up here tomorrow.

Friday could be good – who’s up for it then?


Not had swine flu yet? Keep it that way, it sucks!! Kite surfing lessons have still been carried out buy the KSK’s team and our Student Session to Zaafarana continued as planned, gutted I didn’t get to join the session to Zaf but we still had two IKO instructors for the group and everyone has been having a blinder, wind everyday! New guys that are now kite surfers! Yeah baby!! More details when the guys get back next week.

So, Zaafarana…

Maybe not the place to go on your own but if you’re interested in joing a group then we have Beginner Kitesurfing Sessions and Advanced Kite Clinics planned for 2010 – don’t miss out, get in contact.

Brighton, Shoreham, Lancing and South Coast kitesurfing in general has been a challenge in terms of kite surfing lessons because there’s not as much light any more and the wind has either been too light or too strong; Kitesurfkings are not giving up on you! We are still teaching and will continue to do so. Lessons are cancelled for tomorrow as 60mph winds and 15ft swell is not what we’re looking for but it could be good times for experienced kite surfers.

2010 Cabrinha kit has been making its way to us in bits and pieces, we love you Cabrinha kites! How nice are the 2010 Cabrinha kites!!! If you have not seen, flown or investigated them yet then what have you been doing?! Kitesurfkings are agents for Cabrinha Kitesurfing and have Cabrinha Switchblades, Cabrinha Converts, Cabrinha Crossbows and Cabrinha Nomads in stock – Cabrinha tastic!! Give me a call directly to chat kit and deals (Luke 07878 399 419). I’m looking forward to trying the smaller sized kites tomorrow and getting to play on the new Cabrinha Custom board; I’ve had a play already and it is like no other board, a nice toy to add to the colection. Anyway, kit, kit, kit…

Hope to see the South Coast massive representing South Coast kitesurfing tomorrow, it’s gonna be big! If you’re still early days or still learning to kitesurf (hopefully we’re all still learning – hope you know what I mean) then just hang out and save it for Sunday as it could be a lot calmer.

Wind at last.

March 27, 2009

Photo by Christian and Karin Kite clinic Coche

Photo by Christian and Karin Kite clinic Coche

Finally some wind for you all to enjoy.

We have some great reports of some epic sessions happening all along the south coast, from Hayling island right across to Eastbourne. With wind blowing in a different direction every day, people have had to check out new spots to accommodate northly winds like Hurst Castle in Dorset, Dungeness in Kent and Portland Harbour near Weymouth.

Kitesurfkings have started booking in students for the up and coming season, so please get in touch with Luke or my self to get on a course or to find out about the sessions we are running around the world from El Gouna Egypt to Coche Venezuela – run by our resident gurus Christian and Karin.

We have just taken delivery of our new Flexifoil Quark trainer kites which are must for all new riders to keep up there kite flying skills on days when the waters not an option.

The wind is a bit up and down for the up and coming week:

Today looks great 15 to 25 kn SW
Saturday 28th 15 to 25 kn NW N
Sunday 29th 8 to 15 kn N
Monday 30th 1 to 10 kn S
Tuesday 31st 0 kn
Wednesday 1st 10 to 15 kn NE
Thursday 2nd 5 to 10 kn S

I hope to see you all out on the water this week.