Firstly I’m sorry if you can’t get out of work in June or September as this must be a real tease!!!

A place on the Christian and Karine Kite Clinic to Zaafarana on the 26th June has come available and so is now up for grabs. The Kite Clinic includes all flights, transfers, visas, half board accommodation, centre rates and the week long Kite Clinic – total price is £1015.

By now I’d hope you have heard of Christian and Karine but if not then you can read up about them on the Kitesurfkings website (Sessions Page) or check them out at iksurf mag (online kitesurf mag). I have personally been on one of their Kite Clinics and cannot speak more highly of them as individuals or as instructors. They will not only motivate you but will give you the skills and confidence to go for (and land!) some of those kitesurf tricks you’ve been dreaming about! Get in contact with us through the Kitesurfkings website if you are interested. There’s only one place left for this June Kite Clinic.

Fancy coming on a group kitesurfing trip to Zaafarana in September? It’s not a Kite Clinic with Christian and Karine, it’s an out and out kitesurfers trip for anyone that has, at the very minimum, already completed a beginner kitesurfing course. We aim to kitesurf everday and will all be wishing to learn new kitesurfing styles and get in shape for the harsh conditions the UK winter can bring.

We’re going back to Zaafarana coz we love it, the kitesurfing conditions are perfect and we’ve had wind everyday of each of the KSK trips to Zaf. You can come from the 21st to 28th Sep or 28th Sep to 5th Oct 2010. Get your deposit of £150 now to secure your place. The total cost is just £799! That includes your return flights (inc taxes, meals ect), meet and greet service on arrival in Cairo, return resort transfer (2.5hrs each way), transfer of kit, tourist visa (group size dependent), accommodation, breakfast and dinner, kite storage and rescue, centre rates and coaching tips throughout the week.

Guaranteed good times too! Check out the Zaafarana Student video from our last trip, it’s on the home page and on the Kitesurfkings TV page of the main Kitesurfkings website. Loads of pics from our last trip can also be found on Facebook too, you don’t need an account you can check um out via the Kitesurfkings home page.

Hope you can come kiting with us soon!

Those that were out kitesurfing in Shoreham this weekend… what a bloody great sessions!!!! We ran kiting lessons on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday but sadly the water based lessons were cancelled on Saturday when it started to gust 35 knots and averaged out at 28 knots. Friday was a different world, blue skies and sun shine until sunset, you’ll be able to see some video footage from Friday’s kitesurfing lessons on the Extreme Sports Channel very soon – try to keep you posted!

There was a bit of a kick in the pants in that the wind did calm down in the end on Saturday but by then it was too late for students and so there was only one option…

Umm, kitesurfing!!! How you have been missed!!!! Just like riding a bike though, the faster and higher you go the more fun it is!

Hope to see you for a kite on the south coast some time very soon. If the conditions are right we’ll be teaching but if the tide or winds are not conducive to learning…

Down winder anyone?

Snow kiting or Greatstone?

January 7, 2010

Just add wind!

Wishing any one that reads this blog a Happy New Year and hope the xmas break has been a blast…

Can’t say that we’ve seen many kiters but when there’s no wind and it’s -5 degrees with snow on the beach the water isn’t as inviting as it would usually be. There has been northerly wind forecast for the weekend and a few kitesurfers have asked if we’d be up for cruising down the coast to Greatstone for a session. Umm, well haven’t had a kite for bloody ages and it would be a good laugh, if the wind’s guaranteed I’m in. If the wind’s gonna be light then let’s go snow kiting – who’s up for it?

Flat water lagoons

Gotta give a massive big up to the students who booked their kitesurfing lessons last year for the start of January and are still up for it, you know who you are. When there’s wind and we can do the lessons from Shoreham and so not have to walk for so long to get to the water, like at Greatstone, then we’re back on.

Flat water and wind, ummm

Now, for many it’s just to damn cold to do a kitesurfing course right now (oh yeah, and there’s still no wind!) so if you want to learn to kite we are inviting kiters and non kiters to come and learn for a week in the sun. Not just sun, warmth, wind, flat water and good times! We will take beginner kiters at any level so if you’re new to the kitesurfing or still learning to kite then come with us. We’re going in March and if you have your own kitesurfing kit then that’s cool, if not then we will supply you with the latest kitesurfing kit for your lessons. All you need to do is book either the 12th or 19th March off work for a week and come and have some fun.

I’ve slipped in a couple of cheeky photos from our spot to warm you up but drop us a line at or call us on 01273 88 88 33 to find out more info about our beginner kitesurfing trip. What better way to learn than 7 days of waist  deep flat water and your own IKO UK instructor on call 24/7?

If you’re already kitesurfing and want to take your kitesurfing to the next level then you should be doing one of Christian and Karine’s Kite Clinics; they are running a two week trip to Venezuela in May and two, one week Kite Clinics to Egypt in June. We can give you all the info if you’re interested?? How could you not be???