Wow! The wind is back!!!

October 5, 2009

It’s been hard times for beginner kitesurfers with either no wind or loads of it! Look’s like we’re in for some better sessions now and so let’s get you confident and ready to kite before we hit the winter season.

Yesterday (Sunday 4th Oct) was a good day for students and we managed to take lessons up until 7pm to maximise on the first learning conditions for a while. Saturday kitesurfing was bloody awesome! O.k, so it was for the advanced kiters only – Shoreham massive, you know who you are! What a great all day session, there were some serious gusts but didn’t they just keep you flying even higher!

We’ve 18 to 25 knots forecast for all day tomorrow so kiting before lessons if anyone’s up for it we’ll be in Shoreham; if you’re after lessons we have instructors and there are slots from 4.30 to 7pm. Not sure how Wednesday will pan out yet, but could be alright, then it’s all about Saturday. Lessons start from 8am and spaces are limited so don’t hang around.

White Air Baby! Shame about the wind but everyone got a tan and there was a cool vibe on the beach and in the Concorde. The Kiteworld/Kitesurfkings slider, built by Chris Burke and crew, was bloody great. If we had wind it would have worked even better but toe ins by Sean on the jet ski worked well and a big up to the pro riders who came down to show us how it was done. With Ruben Lenten, Davey Blair, Tom Court, Suzie Mai, Sam Light, Ali Barrett and Chris Burke over for the weekend Brighton kitesurfing at the Kitesurfkings Village was being well represented. Thanks to our graffiti artists SNUB and MISH FIT, Honador Productions, our promo team, Chris Burke and the Pro Riders, the BBC, Extreme Sports Channel and everyone that came down to hang out at the Kitesurfkings Kite Village.

Check out a mini video of the event, put together by Honador Productions. 

Next year we’ll hope for wind but know, from experience, that a great time will be had regardless.

Kitesurfkings managed to raise money for the RNLI during White Air, which felt good coz it’s all about charity mate. A quick big up to Andy Ward too who’s been raising loads of money for charity by kiting the English Channel! Alderney to Poole!! Check out his site for more info:

July 23, 2009

So, what’s new? Loads!!!

The launch of our new kite landboarding school has gone with a blast and we had a great time with the group of 10 that joined us last weekend. In no time the guys went from flying powerkites for the first time to using landboards and buggies with the kites – a couple of the guys even managed upwind! Check out our site for more info and pricing.


Well, we’ve had some! Sadly we’ve been having to rearrange lots of lessons due to either no wind or too much wind! Some kite schools would teach you even if the conditions were not right for learning – we’re not some kite schools. Hang in there guys, as you know we’ve full time instructors to jumkp on that wind when it’s there.

Trips a plenty!

You must have heard about our fantastic Kite Clinics by now but if not do check out the info via our ‘Home’ or ‘Sessions’ page from the Kitesurfkings website.

Anything else? Yeah Baby!

New Cabrinha Nomad might not be the kite for everyone but for the more advanced rider it’s a dream bit of kit. Coming into the country now so if you’re keen then you better give me a shout 07878 399 419.

Thanks to all of our students who have been doing really well and are only being let down by the wind. We are looking at putting a trip together for you guys at the start of November to say a big thank you – come n kite!