These Cabrinha and Fexifoil discounts are too good not to share!

Here at Kitesurfkings we retail some of the top kitesurfing brands in the industry; maybe we don’t shout about it enough as our dedication to kitesurfing focusses massively on our expert tuition but kite selection also requires expert guidance. Our expertise in kitesurfing comes from having managed or owned kitesurfing shops, taught and tested on hundreds of different kites and through our own passion of the sport. We are dedicated to giving the best possible advice and ensuring all of our customers buy the kit that is right for them. We strive to give the best price available on the current kite market with every sale and don’t want people to just jump on which kites might be on sale or clearance… that’s why this blog and the one to follow are somewhat against the grain. There are some crazy discounts on some of the latest and greatest kites on the market that we are able to offer but encourage getting in contact to ensure you end up with the right kite for your needs and not just the ‘best’ deal.

Kitesurfkings can always price match when products are in stock. We are currently able to offer 2012 Cabrinha Nomad kites, 2012 Cabrinha Drifter kites and 2012 Cabrinha Crossbow kites for up to 30% off the kites RRP. As well as this we are able to offer up to 30% off on a handful of the 2012/2011/2010 Cabrinha kite board and surfboards!

Kitesurfkings are also proud to bring to you an incredible deal from the top guys at Flexifoil HQ… read, get excited and give us a call with your card details! Never before have we seen buy two get one free deals on kites so this is a first from the UK’s number one kite brand, Flexifoil. All cards are excepted and many of the kites are in stock for same or next day delivery. Call the Kitesurfkings office on (44) 01273 88 88 33 and get your deposits down ASAP! If we are at the beach try 07878 399 419 as we’re here to help, whether it’s on the beach or in the office.

Take note: the Flexifoil ‘buy two, get one free deal’ is only valid until the end of June but we are happy to hold kit with a deposit.