Kitesurfkings Catch Up

March 7, 2013

Blogging standards are at an all time low; I’m going to try and pull it back by reflecting on 2012, filling in some of the missing bits and bringing us up to speed.

We failed to mention that we saw 2012 in with another Kitesurfkings kitesurfing multi-spot expedition to South Africa; not much to write home about, other than… a TV production company flew out from the UK to film us as we kited all of the exciting spots that Cape Town and the surrounding areas offer, enjoyed free style sessions with Kevin Langree (as in Kitesurf World Champion!) and took on Cape Point on a 6 meter day.

waves south africa kitesurfing

We put in the effort and got the maximum amount of kitesurfing out of our two weeks in south africa. Just like the year before we were blessed with wind for the entire trip. The flat spots super flat and the wave spots…

kitesurf south africa

kite surf south africa

January continued to be all about the waves as some of the Kitesurfkings crew met up with Dom Moore in Newquay for his first Ocean Confidence course. We learn’t loads, drank too much and surfed both days. Due to alcohol consumption and the passing of time we’ve another Kitesurfkings Ocean Confidence course with Dom is on the 11th May 2013. We all want to be the best we can in the water so training in all disciplines is recommended. Kitesurfkings will be offering additional Ocean Confidence course dates and more first aid safety days throughout the year.

ocean confidence course

Kite sessions were skinny on the ground as we went into 2013. The UK really wasn’t pumping until we got into June and then it hardly stopped. Obviously we took what there was but the forecasts were unreliable until the local sea breeze effect came into play.

Shoreham Kitesurf Club was borne and plans set afoot to work with Kitesurfkings to continue Shoreham Beach’s impeccable safety record and offer more to Joe kiter that will not only benefit themselves but the people they kite with. ‘Back to beach’ and ‘first aid safety/rescue’ days proved super popular and caused other clubs and schools to also create similar program for their customers and beach users. If ur local club’s not running such sessions then suggest it to them… or just come down and join us. We post on Facebook when we are running sessions but will also endeavour to keep you informed here on the blog 😉

1 kitesurf safety

With the summer brought the release of the 2013 Cabrinha collection and really blew a lot of people away by bringing out Cabrinha’s first C-kite since bow kites came on the scene in 2005. As well as Cabrinha launching an awesome new C-kite (the Chaos) they also brought out a girls range of Cabrinha kites with easier to reach controls and less masculine colour lines.

cabrinha 2013 kites

With the season already in swing it was a shame the wind didn’t choose to come without rain for the 2012 Paddle Around The Pier event on the first weekend in July. Kitesurfkings have had a presence at Paddle since 2008 and this was the first soaking we received… fortunately it was also the first year one of Kitesurfkings new van’s was more like a mobile office, come show room, with flat screen TV and protection from the rain 😉

kitesurfkings kitesurf surf bus

paddle around the pier


Soon we were in full swing and there were many a success story with super happy, safe, able and excited kitesurfers reaching their kitesurfing independence with Kitesurfkings. Everyone has to work hard at kitesurfing, it’s not a sport that you can just do and fully understand from day one, but with time, tenacity and perseverance the skill of being able to kitesurf confidently then changes lives. For the work to happiness trade off to be equal kitesurfing should really be much, much harder!

beginner kitesurf lessons

We continued with our Kitesurfkings Cabel to Kite sessions at Hove Lagoon for the 2012 season. The cable has started getting busier now, which were really pleased about as the guys at the Lagoon work really hard but it also makes it all the more important for us to keep a Cable to Kite night in each week. We’ll try and make it a regular session for everyone again this year.


The Big Air Open took place on Saturday 14th July 2012 in Worthing, West Sussex. Part of the Olympic Torch Relay Weekend. Luke from Kitesurfkings, that’s me folks, was stoked to have been invited to judge the competition. The event was based on a ‘how high you can jump format’ with points being awarded for the maximum height reached.

We were so close to reaching the end and securing a winner but the wind died on us; all was not lost as I still gave out my prize (Kitesurfkings Style Prize) of a new 2012 pro model wakeskate signed by Andre Phillip and better still we put all of the prize money behind the bar and drank it!

big air open

Big Air Open


Some of Kitesurfkings proudest moments of 2012 saw Kitesurfking students going from never flying a kite to kiting safely with confidence and landing back rolls in three months! Taking two young school groups through the Kitesurfkings Beginner course and them all receiving the rewards for their hard work. A 74 year old student who took themselves for a body drag and continues to practice with the view to sailing into the sunset in 2013 (watch this space!). Students who have triumphed over their own initial fears, listened, put in the effort and then fell in love with kitesurfing.

Kitesurf Back Roll

Our Egypt coaching weeks sold out again and we lucked out with totally awesome groups and awesome wind again!

We were really lucky with wind, especially in week two and maximised it by running regular down winders through some awesome lagoons, through mangroves and over sandbars 😉

IMG_7698 kitesurf egypt kitesurfkings

No South African trip this year as 2013 kicked off with another of Kitesurfkings kiting extravaganzas to Zanzibar!

kitesurf kitesurfkings holidays

All of our Zanzibar kitesurfing trips have been magical but for some reason this was the best so far; the group were perfect, the wind blew everyday, the food was incredible and the kite sessions out of this world amazing… we’re trying to offer a July 13 trip just to meet demand!

Remember the first day you got up and riding? You will!

Blogging from a very warm and windy Egypt, currently having some down time (kite time) in between the Kitesurfkings Beginner Trip and the Kitesurfkings Kite Clinic with Lewis Crathern.

I am sat at our hotel looking towards the beach with swaying flowers, palms and wind swept water fountains in the foreground, lush lawns, a stream and turquoise swimming pool, lots more palms, and through the gaps the glistening blue sea with a few kites out on the water. In the distance are the mountains of Zaafarana as a backdrop; it’s a nice scene.

We arrived in Egypt on Thursday the 6th as a group of 10, 2 Kitesurfkings instructors (Luke Denny and John Aldcroft) and 8 students with varying abilities from never having flown to already up on the board. After a few days we were already becoming a close net team and the life and soul of Paradise, Ras Sudr. In the group we had ages varying from 24 to 45, one couple, one guy working in Cairo and a couple of Swiss dude’s; we all met up at Cairo Airport and transferred together in a rather smart coach large enough to easily fit all of our kitesurfing gear inside and sit in comfort.

The transfer from Cairo to Ras Sudr only took three hours, which included a break at a really friendly kofta place where we chilled and took in some Egyptian life; kids helping their parents at work because they were on holiday from school and teens enjoying the freedom of driving dad’s car around the car park, squeezing in a hand break turn to the amusement of all but the kid who’d just washed our coach’s windscreen. Their traditional Egyptian dress was didn’t fulfill my stereotyped image for badly behaving teens but came as a refreshing reminder we’d left the UK.

We rocked up at the Paradise, Ras Sudr at 21.00 and were greeted with a glass of juice at reception and an impressive outdoor buffet in the hotel’s courtyard. We dropped bags off at our rooms, all pleasantly surprised by their size and range of facilities. Food is served from 8.00 to 10.30 morning and evening and so we had plenty of time to enjoy a great meal together whilst continuing to get to know one another. The evening was really nice but not as exciting as the 20+ knots we woke to in the morning!

We met for breakfast in the courtyard at 08.30, enjoyed homemade breads and pastries, cereals, yogurts, freshly prepared omelets, sausages other fuel we anticipated needing to take us through to the afternoon and we were at the kite center with kites set up on the beach by 09.30.

I first came to this spot six years ago, spent many years arranging trips here for other kiters as a result, then popped back myself in November 2010 to make sure everything would still be perfect for both Kitesurfkings beginner kitesurf holidays and kitesurf clinics. It takes s’thing extra to get the KSK seal of approval and as we stood on the beach having a pre session briefing it was clear this would be the perfect playground for our week ahead.

The week flew by and we all had a fantastic time on and off the water. The plan had been for morning and afternoon coaching sessions but it became apparent that the full week would be one long coaching session with the odd interlude.

Everyone worked hard and fed back that they got everything and more they’d hoped.  The goal for most of the guys was to get up on the boards, which anyone can do, achieving solid skills to keep the safe and equipped for all that their kitesurfing lives will throw at them was more of what Kitesurfkings aim to share… but here are the guys up on the boards anyway:

Gotta say constant effort from James B… paid off though, one arm stylin’.

Kurt here, complete newbie, had never been in the water before coming out on our beginner holiday and fully embraced everything we threw at him… apart from smoking the shesha??

Danny having a break through day two… constantly smiling days two to seven 😉

James M proved he could kite upwind even if there wasn’t a sand bar to aim for!

Matt cruising along; on the last day Matt was getting up and riding on every attempt, loving it and happy to take the return transfer in his wet boardies!

Rosa and James B out at dark and both hammering around upwind without a rescue boat… but a full safety team looking out for one another.

James B with his best friend, the 14m Switchblade.

Danny focused on the task at hand.

John carving around, heal to toe, heal to toe.

Whenever we could fly kites we did, even a couple of evenings when we shouldn’t have we did! The light wind came just at the right time as enforced a rest day that ended up being used for kite theory, pack downs, pool polo, SUP wars and fitness training before going into the local town for a great evening that included a traditional meal, freshly pressed sugar cane drink, sheshas and Turkish coffee.

 Pool polo.

Training with instructor John!

Into town for freshly pressed sugar cane.

Into town for traditional Egyptian meal.

Shesha after dinner, nice.

I really have to thank everyone for making the trip such a special one; the enthusiasm, laughs, team spirit and willingness to learn were in abundance. We really were the life and soul of the place and it’s credit to each of the guys out here for their desire to make the most of their holidays and embrace all that we threw at them.

On the final night we had a bit of a party down on the beach with a BBQ and drinks until quite late… well, as long as it took to drink every bottle of duty free and every bottle of dodgy Egyptian booze we could find. Full commitment to the cause was shown next morning when the alcohol poisoning was hardly mentioned and the students were back on the water by 08.30, which is where they stayed until 11.45… the airport transfer was at 12.00 and hey just about left on time, fulfilled, happy but exhausted kitesurfers.

Where’s Mijk (Mike)?

There he is… couldn’t miss you out mate.

Kitesurfkings blogs are sporadic at best but we hope there’s always stuff of interest to those who read them and that the infrequency doesn’t faze anyone. The last blog entry was all about the Kitesurfkings Cabrinha Demo down on Shoreham Beach and the plan was to write a separate blog just about the Cabrinha boards once we’d had another play and got our hands on the Cabrinha Drifter kitesurf wave kite… this hasn’t happened yet people but we’ll share when we can.

Just putting this out there in case any of you lucky people are able to jump on a last-minute kitesurfing holiday… now, this is another one of those trips that really is aimed solely at kitesurfers and everyone needs to be riding up wind…

So, manage to tick some of the boxes??? If not but you like the sound of the session the get some mates together and it can be arranged for groups of 6 to 10, if you’ve got three then check us out coz there might be another 3 after the same trip.

What is it then? Well, as you’d guess from the title you’ll be kiting lots of different spots. Based in the south of Egypt at a newly built ‘surf’ style guest house you’ll have your own apartment in a small kitesurfer owned block of 9 newly finished apartments. You’ll stay on half board bases with a lunch time snack included, you’ll have a guide to take you kiting each day and will be kiting the spots based on the conditions and the amount of people at each spot on the day. Boat assisted down winders are also planned and your guide speaks the lingo, lives the dream and loves to kite… join him and a nice small group of like-minded kiters on the 9th May for a week of south Egypt’s best kiting for £595pp + flight. If you want to book this then contact African Space directly at or 0121 382 9000. This is not a Kitesurfkings trip but we do know the guys in resort really well and can totally recommend it… the guys that have their names down already ready are super sound too so that’s why it get’s the Kitesurfkings seal of approval and a big up on this blog.

Now, a quick hats off to Kitesurfkings kitesurf students that learnt over the bank holiday as everyone really did do well; even when wind’s picked up yesterday and we were already using a 5m our students were calm, controlled and loving it. If you were kiting over the weekend but had a bit of a battle or were bricking it somewhat then why not get in contact and book a refresher lesson? Booking line for lessons is 07878 399 419; kitesurfing does not need to be difficult or dangerous but it does have to be taught correctly and for students/kiters to feel completely confident, in control and independent… mummy can’t always be there to hold your hand but we could put a dress on.


February 8, 2011

Dudes! What can we say? Well, I know what we won’t do and that’s to assume anyone reading this needs any additional insight into the situation in Egypt right now; currently every paper and news show have been keeping us up to date and we keep watching, waiting and willing for the situation to be resolved…

For the last couple of weeks we’ve all been watching and waiting to see what will happen as peaceful protests continued across Egypt; sadly Hosni Mubarak attempts to hang on in there have resulted in inhumane attacks on the people of Egypt. Kitesurfkings are taking the view that although times are hard the courage and perseverance of the Egyptian people will pay off and Mubarak will find himself spit roasted in a dirty cell before long. With Mubarak out the way Egypt will be a better place for the people of Egypt and subsequently for us tourists.

Times are hard in Egypt right now and we want to send a message of support to all of our close friends we have in Egypt and those we’re yet to meet. The world is one random place and it’s countries like Egypt that take such a hard-line against opposition to the government that it takes huge courage and determination to stand up and fight for your rights. If I were in Egypt I’d end up with a kick in and a jail sentence for wishing Mubarak a spit roasting, fortunately I’m not and I’m hiding behind a computer! Please let there be a peaceful resolve to what started and was always intended to remain as a peaceful protest.

Our planned group kitesurfing trips to Egypt have been put on hold just whilst things calm back down and we’re happy that both our final destinations and ports of entry are free from unrest. Shame as our May ‘JUMP’ kitesurfing Kite Clinic would have been super sweet, still, better not whinge, it’s not as if anyone’s throwing stones at us or firing bullets through our walls!

We still rate Egypt as one of our best short hall kitesurfing destinations and look forward to getting back out there in the near future. Planning to get back out there as soon as we can and if we have to we’ll wait until Sep/Oct pro Kite Clinics and beginner kitesurfing trips to get things tuned in before the UK winter’s back causing us all grief.


Post kitesurfing beers are a must anywhere in the world

Celebrating another great day of Kitesurfkings kitesurfing with Kitesurfkings Beer!

Well what can we say? Not the usual amount of Blog entries of late!!

We came back from Zaafarana at the very end of March after the best two weeks of kitesurfing that anyone could wish for and were greeted with some cold rough UK sessions that have left everyone shouting for more Kitesurfkings group sessions away. The truth of the matter is that kitesurfing in the UK can be wonderful but that the chances of having consecutive days of great conditions here are extremely low. We love kitesurfing in the UK but also love having the chance of taking our kitesurfing up to the next level.

Right now we have a group of 12 kitesurfers out in Venezuela on a tiny island called El Coche for two weeks and the reports of great kitesurfing, optimum progression, ideal conditions and the odd party having been coming back. This is a kitesurfkings group trip but one of the ones that we arrange for Christian Harris and Karine Nativel to run advanced tuition to all kitesurfers that are alreday up wind (or very close to it). El Coche is one of our favourite kitesurfing locations around the world, with a beautiful white sand beach and off shore winds, perfectly flat water, great accommodation, in general it’s a kitesurfer’s dream spot; unfortunately El Coche has become a slightly more intrepid trip than it used to be with direct flights no longer running to Porlamar (the final airport). Our last group Kite Clinic to El Coche departed from London on the 1st May and we’ll post some pics when the guys get back. The price for the two week Kite Clinic, including all transfers, all inclusive accommodation, return flights and two weeks of tuition from Christian and Karine was £1995 per person. Although the boat’s been missed for this trip to El Coche you can get in contact with us at Kitesurfkings and register your interest if you’d like to join a future trip to South America with Christian and Karine. Contact details for us are on the main Kitesurfkings site at:

The next group trips after El Coche are back out to Zaafarana; how could they not be, we love Zaafarana!!! We have three one week trips on the 12th, 19th and 26th June but are now all full. There are also guys booked to go out to Zaafarana from the end of May to end of June and there are still spaces on transfers and at the hotel. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a group trip out to Zaafarana as you’ll be kicking yourselves!! There are options to get to Zaafarana for Kite Clinics with Christian and Karine or group trips with Kitesurfkings and we hope that you can join one of our great trips and be part of the group, all kiting together and sharing the ideal conditions that Zaafarana offer, but if you can’t make one of our set dates then still get in contact as we’ll pair you up with other guys going out there or hold your details for future trips. It’s always nice to go out with other like minded kiters and also to share the flights, transfers and experiences but however you are planning on getting out there just make sure you go! Umm, Zaafarana!!!

There really is nowhere like it in Egypt! We had 14 days of wind in Zaafarana during our two weeks there and the conditions are hard to beat; the photos speak for themselves so check out our Facebook page if you haven’t already. After our students had left us in Zaafarana and were heading back to the airport in Cairo, some of the Kitesurfkings crew took a three hour transfer down to Hurghada to check out the kiting there before heading over to see friends in El Gouna and hang out with the Red Sea Zone gang. There is no question that if you are going to Egypt for a kiting holiday you don’t go to Hurghada as there are much better places to go but if you are after one night of partying then, providing you get the day right, there can be a lot of fun had in Hurghada. We found ourselves in The Ministry of Sound on the beach until about 5am before collecting our kiting gear and heading over to see Mike and the guys at Red Sea Zone in El Gouna.

El Gouna offers good kiting conditions and great off the water socialising in a laid back environment that offers something for everyone. There is no one place in Egypt that offers you everything that people may wish for in a Peter Pan type trip that ticks every box for every possible holiday experience. Fortunately the Kitesurfkings crew have been and done the hard work for you, by checking out the best kitesurfing locations that Egypt offers so that you don’t have to. Get in touch for a chat if you’re thinking about going on a kitesurfing holiday and we’ll happily give you sound advice and inside information to give you the best kitesurfing experiences.

If you’ve thought about going out to El Gouna or have been there before and have thought about getting back out there then there could not be a better time than right now…

One of the Kitesurfkings instructors is out in El Gouna now warming up for a free Kristin Boese Kite Clinic that is being held from the Red Sea Zone kite centre. Not only is there a free Kite Clinic open to women kiters and run by the women’s multiple world kitesurfing champion but Ministry of Sound are coming to El Gouna and will also be down on the beach with the Red Sea Zone kite centre. There’s loads more going on and it will be a great time to experience the best of El Gouna so why not sack work off and go and have some fun?! 16th to 23rd May 2010. Kitesurfkings have found deals going out for a week for less than £400!!! These include flights, transfers and accommodation. You can book these fully protected holidays through Kitesurfkings by calling or emailing with your requirements.

What else? You want more??

How about the next Kitesurfkings group trip dates for Zaafarana? These are September 21st to 28th and September 28th to Oct 5th 2010. You can check out the student video from our March session in Zaafarana by going to our website and watching the video from our Kitesurfkings TV page. Videos, photos and contact information can all be found at or email us directly at

Here are a few pics from our last trip to Zaafarana, enjoy and come out with us soon!

In Zaf kitesurfing now and it’s been mind blowing, wind has not stopped for four days solid and the conditions here are even better than we could have imagined. This has to be the ultimate progression playground!

This place is toooooooooooooo good to be true! Zaafarana baby!

Lagoon rocks, open water, vast space, slider, no reef, waves and butter flat, massive hotel with pool tables, bars, pool, gym n great fresh food.

V quiet out here right now but we’ve a group of ten on a session and it is amazing! Everything has been better than any of the kitesurfing locations in Egypt I have been before from conditions to service; the conditions we’ve had here so far have been the best I have had anywhere in the world – what a gem. Wind has not stopped yet so no complaints there, although taking time out for a few beers as it’s up to 35 knots and a bit on the gusty side but up until today it’s been super clean 7 to 10m weather. Waist deep heaven.

Will be coming back for sure – don’t miss it when we do!

Last minute deal!

Never done this before but left advertising until far too late in the day so LUCKY YOU! The already super deal for the Student Session to Egypt in March is now just £799! That’s £100 less than it was but we’ve taken nothing away…too good! Return flights, transfers, accommodation, food, storage, rescue, all centre rates, a full week of tuition by Luke from Kitesurfkings (who’s flying out with you) and use of 2010 kitesurfing kit!!!

Our last Student Session to Egypt was in November and we had a full group, wind everyday and everyone up and riding! This session to Egypt on the 12th March is for a maximum of just six students and there is already a mix of half guys and half girls. It could be you, less than a months time, kitesurfing on a flat waist deep lagoon in the sun. Ummmmmm, kitesurf heaven!

The current flight price from London to Cairo return is £470pp, if you wanted to get your own flight and transfer to this beautiful kitesurfing spot it would already cost more than the Kitesurfkings trip that includes accommodation, meals, kitesurfing tuition everyday, kite rescue, storage and kit use.

It doesn’t matter if you are already kitesurfing or if you have never tried before – you just have to be super quick with getting in contact!! Call 01273 88 88 33 or email

Kitesurfkings love kiting in Kenya…

I’ve personally had a sweet 12 out of 14 days of wind in February whilst out with the team at Pro Surf on Nyali Beach in Mombassa.

If you’re thinking about getting out there I know where you can grab some seriously discounted flights and our friends at Pro Surf will be looking after everything else. Give us a shout if you want some help, there are currrently two week flights from London Gatwick on the 8th Feb for just £399 and they may go down too!

I know I’d be out in Kenya to kitesurf any chance I had, for me work does not allow for a Feb kitesurf session as have two weeks kiting in Egypt in  March – gimmie a shout if you want to join me for a week in the sun on flat waist deep water?? Egypt kitesurf session 12th March or 19th March.

01273 88 88 33 –

Ahh, charity mate, check out the charity kitesurf event info below…

Heroes or Villains? Charity Kitesurf Event 2010

The annual Charity event is finally here folks! Feeling heroic or villianous?? Sign up here for a week of fun and revelry from 8th – 14th Feb 2010 and all in the name of Charity of course!

The entry fee includes entry to all 5 Kite Events, Kite service, the North Demo day and a goodie bag.

See the full itinerary  for Prosurf Extreme’s Kitesurf Charity Event 2010

Easy when youre shown how

Easy when you're shown how

There has been such an awesome response to our El Gouna Kite Clinic that we’ve booked another!!! So, all of you kitesurfers on the South Coast waiting for wind, London crew, everyone you know what you shoud do!

Follow the link to find out the latest news: KSK/Christian & Karine Kite Clinic Week 2!