Wind, Wind & More Wind!

November 18, 2009

Big smiles, big air and big waves for South Coast riders…

It’s been nice to see lots of people out along the South Coast this week; seeing lots of kitesurfers and windsurfers along the coast from Brighton/Hove, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing, Goring, Littlehampton and beyond (is there anywhere else? Not that we need to travel when there are south-westerly winds!).

You’re going to see lots more of the same over the next week or so as the forecast is bloody great! Today’s already quite fruity as gusting high 40’s and looks like we’ll keep 7m weather for the rest of the day. If you’re a low tide rider there’s still just enough light left for you to squeeze sessions today and tomorrow. Tomorrow the wind looks equally fruity but could chill out a bit towards the end of the day.

If you’re still leaning to kitesurf and are in need of slightly calmer winds than we’ve been experiencing then Friday is looking good for you, don’t wait for the weekend as the wind is due to kick in again and could well be bang on shore. Tuesday next week is looking like another good day for you but don’t the forecasts like to change!!

Had a really nice ride on Monday in Hove and it was really nice to see some of the Hove kitesurf massive out, you know who you are. Had a chance to put the 7m 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade for a couple of runs now and, like the rest of the 2010 Cabrinha range, it did not disappoint. Super east to control and relaunch, with a constant pull and direct feel; can’t wait to get back out on it to give it a more of a test run but so far I’ve not found a fault.

Zaafaran Student Trip feedback has been great and everyone loved the spot, our group and the fact they had wind everyday. 2010 Cabrinha Nomads, Crossbows and Converts were taken out to test and have been given both thumbs up from the guys. Chris has been loving the Nomad and claims it’s the best kite he’s ever flown for unhooked riding. Cabrinha have been doing lots right and have not only changed the look of their kite range but have managed to improve the performance – thank you Cabrinha! Kitesurfkings had already ordered the full Cabrinha range, for the school, personal use and resale before they came out, all based on the success of previous years, fortunately there are NO regrets!

Already Summer?

April 29, 2009

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Isn’t all this sun so very welcome! Just a little bit more wind and there will be no need to speak badly of English weather again.

Kitesurfkings have been crazy busy, loads of cool stuff going on!

Great reports back from Chris, Christian and Karine out in El Gouna on our kite clinic; our groups have been loving the spot, getting some serious kitesurf sessions in and having maximum fun both on and off the water. We are already booking up our new spot for the next kite clinics – dates coming soon!!!

Regular kite surfing holidays are now being put together for all levels of rider – or wanna be riders. Get in touch if you’re after both sun and wind!?

The 2009 Cabrinha IDS kites have been causing quite a stir. They might have taken their time getting into the country but they’re here and available so do the right thing and purchase a kite you’ll really love – one that actually does what it says!

Kitesurfkings have been asked to help with some up and coming events, some charity, some out of love and others to pay the rent.  On Saturday 3rd of May 2009 Kitesurfkings are helping to raise money for wind surfers 4 cancer research. Everyone taking part will be meeting up at numerous different beaches across the country – 16 in total. We are hoping to sail from sun rise to sun set; if there’s no wind then just being on the water will do, surf boards, paddle boards, rubber rings – whatever floats! All you’ve gotta do is hang out and enjoy the nice kite spot and participants. One of our instructors has already raised £700 – good work Dunk, u da man. Kitesurfkings will be attending the Hayling Island event. It would be great to see you there. Please check out
All donations will be gratefully received. Many thanks!

As usual weather forecasts haven’t been very accurate but we’ve been seeing some cheeky little sea breezes building. Last week we saw a few cheeky sea breezes kick in late afternoon. Today for example the wind’s been building and if you big kites and boards you could be in luck. Wind is predicted for tomorrow (Thursday 30th) so fingers crossed for that and we’ll see you on the water.

We have full time instructors so when there’s wind we can teach you. Last Friday was a great day for lots of our students who were stylin’ it at Shoreham Beach, Sussex – much respect to Gary from Lancing and Miles from Hove who gave it their all and had really good sessions. On Saturday the wind was great first thing but died out in the afternoon but all was not lost. Not all groups were able to run which was a shame as we had lots of students come down from London – not a total loss and a great day was still had.

Wherever you are, Hove, Brighton, Lancing, Worthing, Littlehampton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Sussex, South Coast, London, Wales, Scotland, Ireland – you’ve seen people kite surfing and know you wanna give it a go…
If you’re already kite surfing then get in contact about joining one of our sessions, demos, events or trips abroad. If you’re not yet kiting then what are you waiting for? Get in contact and get yourselves booked in now so you’ll be rockin’ your own kite surfing styles and not just watching and wishing.

Some of our students are wishing to upgrade to the latest Cabrinha IDS kites and want to sell their kites – as you’d guess these kites haven’t seen much action so there are some good deals to be had. Kitesurfkings are not taking a cut or adding commission. If you’re interested then get in contact and we can hook you up with the sellers.

Up for grabs:

•    9m Naish Boxer SLE complete
•    11m 2007 Best Waroo complete
•    7m 2008 Cabrinha Convert complete
•    9 & 12m 2007 Cabrinha Omega completes
•    16m 2006 Cabrinha Contra complete

That’s all from me for now, back to watching the wind and see if we’re going to be kite surfing tonight on the South Coast??

Just a quickie: if you own a long board and live in Sussex then why not come and join us for a skate? Skating on Brighton sea front today, after seeing our friends down at Brighton Watersports, a super nice dude invited us to hook up for a skate tomorrow night. The offer is open to anyone that owns or can get their hands on a long board.

No Wind - No Worries

No Wind - No Worries

Grab your board or pinch your mates and join us for a skate tomorrow from 7pm. We’re meeting at the flat spot between the West Pier and Palace Pier. Nothing too serious, just hanging out, might even sink a few beers – nice.

How nice, lovely sunshine here on the south coast today but still no wind! The forecast’s not looking any good here in the U.K; we’re wind dancing daily but to no effect.

What better time could there be to get booked on to Christian and Karine’s El Gouna Kite Clinic?

There are still spaces up for grabs on the second week of our Egyptian Kite Clinic which is great news for you – the kiter who wants to have a great time and be able to do more!!

Check out the details: El Gouna Kite Clinic \'09

Chris pre broken ankle

Chris pre broken ankle

Bad news for Chris (above) who has just broken his ankle snowboarding in Bulgaria – savage! Chris had been booked onto both weeks of our Kite Clinic but unless his handstands get a lot better he’s not kiting! Sorry mate, we thought snowboarding was too easy but didn’t consider the dangers!! We’ll hook you up with an ‘extreme’ wheel chair dude!

So, if you’re up wind with no broken bones and want a great time then drop us a line or give us a call and get booked onto the kite session of your dreams!!! Hove, Brighton, Lancing, Worthing, Littlehampton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Sussex, South Coast, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland – where ever you are – your spot will not compare to El Gouna and you have not met instructors like Christian and Karine. Get on it, get booked on and enjoy your time on this planet. Life’s too short, today fine, tomorrow a broken ankle and next week who knows?!