Hope ur having a fab w’end… or a positive start to your week, if it’s much later than that there’s a chance the kit’s gone but always worth an email to: luke@kitesurfkings.com if there’s anything you’re interested in.

Thanks for taking time to check out this uber Kitesurfkings clearance kitesurfing kit up for grabs for the first time. On Thursday I pasted in a load of kitesurfing, SUP and windsurfing clearance kit for a friend at Cabrinha HQ, today I thought I better pop up some of the uber gems that I have kicking around b4 they continue depreciating in storage!

Brand new kitesurfing kit, still in original packaging but some of it’s been kinda forgotten about (oops!) Over 55% off some of these gems (one board’s @ -70%):

  • 2014 5’6 Cabrinha Skillet Complete £450 (RRP £749) – legend of a board, bought this one as a back up as have exactly the same model and wouldn’t want to be without it but after hitting groynes and some hard landings have decide I’m safe to pass up my spare to a good home).
  • 2014 5m Cabrinha Switchblade £450 (RRP £749) – this kite needs no introductions, again, I got greedy… after all, how many 5m kites does one person need?!
  • 2014 10m Cabrinha Switchblade £650 (RRP £999) – no introduction needed.
  • 2013 11m Cabrinha Chaos £580 (RRP £1159) – bridled C-kite that offers the most fun you can have getting high! Not a good first kite but totally dreamy if you’re ready for it.
  • Cabrinha Wake-skate (maybe 2012?) £90 (£299ish?) – Make a great Christmas gift, it’s a rudeboy grip tape stylie one, was hiding away but wants a good home. Requires 2 small fins.
  • 136x41cm 2014 Crazyfly Raptor Pro LTD Complete (full carbon) £500 (RRP £619) – this is a kiteboard that should need no introduction, beautiful on and off the water.
  • 2x 138x43cm 2014 Crazyfly All Rounder Completes £309 (RRP £409) – stylish kiteboard that, as it says on the tin, is an all rounder. Crazyfly kiteboards are world renowned for good reason. This is their entry level board but super sweet at £409, bloody awesome at £309!
  • 2014 Crazyfly Scalp 10m Complete (includes bar, lines,leash and pump) £850! (RRP £1159) – Great reviews and feedback on these – grab yourself a bargain whilst I’m in a generous mood 😉
  • 2014 Crazyfly Scalp 11m Complete (includes bar, lines,leash and pump) £880! (RRP £1199) – Great reviews and feedback on these – grab yourself a bargain whilst I’m in a generous mood 😉
  • 2014 Crazyfly Scalp 13m Complete (includes bar, lines,leash and pump) £950! (RRP £1239) – Great reviews and feedback on these – grab yourself a bargain whilst I’m in a generous mood 😉
  • XL Cabrinha Deluxe Waist Harness £60 (RRP £135).

In addition it seems my personal kite quiver has got out of hand too! Here are some gems that are in exceptional condition after minimal use in safe hands:

  • 2013 11m Cabrinha Chaos £480 (RRP £1159) – bridled C-kite that offers the most fun you can have getting high! Not a good first kite but totally dreamy if you’re ready for it. This kite is mint! Kind of got forgotten about due to…
  • 2014 11m Cabrinha Chaos £605 (RRP £1099) – 2nd generation bridled C-kite.
  • 2014 8m Cabrinha Chaos £550 (RRP £999) – 2nd generation bridled C-kite.
  • 2013 9m Crazyfly Scalp Complete (includes bar, lines,leash and pump) £550

Thank you for taking time to have a look through, please email requests and enquiries to: luke@kitesurfkings.com

If there are any kites or boards listed that you know you want then feel free to text me on: 07878 399 419 as everything is first come first served.

Loving the change in weather? You can avoid SAD and have the time of your life with a kitesurfing discovery trip to Zanzibar: http://www.kitesurfkings.com/documents/kitesurfkings-zanzibar-2015.pdf (linked from home page of Kitesurfkings website)

Hope to see you at the/a beach soon 😉


Luke, Kitesurfkings.


Shamefully this is the first blog for over a year! Oops!! There’s been loads going on and so much to shout about… it’s just we’ve been getting on and doing it 😉

Now that the nights are drawing in I’ll try and pop a few blogs up and share what’s been going on and what’s happening in 2015. For now I’ve been asked to share the details below as there’s a sale going down! Still 30% on other available 2014 Cabrinha kit but 45% is a pretty sexy sale price for kit that’s hardly used.

Get in touch ASAP if you’re interested in anything on the list (07878 399 419 or 01273 88 88 33 or email info@kitesurfkings.com), there are some real gems:

Ex Demo Kite for Sale
Cabrinha 2014
2014 Cabrinha Switchblade – Siren 9 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Velocity – Complete 16 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Vector – Complete 11 Col 6
2014 Cabrinha Vector – Complete 12 Col 6
2014 Cabrinha Chaos – Complete 9 Col 11 (Wild)
2014 Cabrinha Chaos – Complete 11 Col 11 (Wild)
2014 Cabrinha Contra – Complete 15 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Drifter – Complete 7 Col 2
2014 Cabrinha Drifter – Complete 9 Col 1
2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber – Board Only 135
2014 Cabrinha XO Siren – Complete 136
2014 Cabrinha XO Siren – Complete 136
2014 Cabrinha Custom – Board Only 136
2014 Cabrinha Custom – Board Only 140
2014 Cabrinha Tronic – Board Only 137
2014 Cabrinha Spectrum – Complete 141
2014 Cabrinha Trigger – Fins Only 5’11”
2014 Cabrinha S Quad – Fins Only 5’10”
Neil Pryde Sails 2014
2014 Neil Pryde Combat 5 C1 Orange
2014 Neil Pryde Wizard 5.4 C2 Blue/Green
2014 Neil Pryde RS Slalom 7.8
2014 Neil Pryde EO VI Racing 7.8
JP Windsurfing Boards 2014
2014 JP Magic Ride Pro 104
2014 JP All Ride Pro 116
2014 JP Slalom Pro 68
JP SUP 2014
2014 JP Surf Pro 8’2
2014 JP Surf Pro 9’2
2014 JP Venus WS Gloss 11’2
2014 JP Race Flat Water Carbon 14’x27
2014 JP Surf Wood 9’6

Kitesurfkings Catch Up

March 7, 2013

Blogging standards are at an all time low; I’m going to try and pull it back by reflecting on 2012, filling in some of the missing bits and bringing us up to speed.

We failed to mention that we saw 2012 in with another Kitesurfkings kitesurfing multi-spot expedition to South Africa; not much to write home about, other than… a TV production company flew out from the UK to film us as we kited all of the exciting spots that Cape Town and the surrounding areas offer, enjoyed free style sessions with Kevin Langree (as in Kitesurf World Champion!) and took on Cape Point on a 6 meter day.

waves south africa kitesurfing

We put in the effort and got the maximum amount of kitesurfing out of our two weeks in south africa. Just like the year before we were blessed with wind for the entire trip. The flat spots super flat and the wave spots…

kitesurf south africa

kite surf south africa

January continued to be all about the waves as some of the Kitesurfkings crew met up with Dom Moore in Newquay for his first Ocean Confidence course. We learn’t loads, drank too much and surfed both days. Due to alcohol consumption and the passing of time we’ve another Kitesurfkings Ocean Confidence course with Dom is on the 11th May 2013. We all want to be the best we can in the water so training in all disciplines is recommended. Kitesurfkings will be offering additional Ocean Confidence course dates and more first aid safety days throughout the year.

ocean confidence course

Kite sessions were skinny on the ground as we went into 2013. The UK really wasn’t pumping until we got into June and then it hardly stopped. Obviously we took what there was but the forecasts were unreliable until the local sea breeze effect came into play.

Shoreham Kitesurf Club was borne and plans set afoot to work with Kitesurfkings to continue Shoreham Beach’s impeccable safety record and offer more to Joe kiter that will not only benefit themselves but the people they kite with. ‘Back to beach’ and ‘first aid safety/rescue’ days proved super popular and caused other clubs and schools to also create similar program for their customers and beach users. If ur local club’s not running such sessions then suggest it to them… or just come down and join us. We post on Facebook when we are running sessions but will also endeavour to keep you informed here on the blog 😉

1 kitesurf safety

With the summer brought the release of the 2013 Cabrinha collection and really blew a lot of people away by bringing out Cabrinha’s first C-kite since bow kites came on the scene in 2005. As well as Cabrinha launching an awesome new C-kite (the Chaos) they also brought out a girls range of Cabrinha kites with easier to reach controls and less masculine colour lines.

cabrinha 2013 kites

With the season already in swing it was a shame the wind didn’t choose to come without rain for the 2012 Paddle Around The Pier event on the first weekend in July. Kitesurfkings have had a presence at Paddle since 2008 and this was the first soaking we received… fortunately it was also the first year one of Kitesurfkings new van’s was more like a mobile office, come show room, with flat screen TV and protection from the rain 😉

kitesurfkings kitesurf surf bus

paddle around the pier


Soon we were in full swing and there were many a success story with super happy, safe, able and excited kitesurfers reaching their kitesurfing independence with Kitesurfkings. Everyone has to work hard at kitesurfing, it’s not a sport that you can just do and fully understand from day one, but with time, tenacity and perseverance the skill of being able to kitesurf confidently then changes lives. For the work to happiness trade off to be equal kitesurfing should really be much, much harder!

beginner kitesurf lessons

We continued with our Kitesurfkings Cabel to Kite sessions at Hove Lagoon for the 2012 season. The cable has started getting busier now, which were really pleased about as the guys at the Lagoon work really hard but it also makes it all the more important for us to keep a Cable to Kite night in each week. We’ll try and make it a regular session for everyone again this year.


The Big Air Open took place on Saturday 14th July 2012 in Worthing, West Sussex. Part of the Olympic Torch Relay Weekend. Luke from Kitesurfkings, that’s me folks, was stoked to have been invited to judge the competition. The event was based on a ‘how high you can jump format’ with points being awarded for the maximum height reached.

We were so close to reaching the end and securing a winner but the wind died on us; all was not lost as I still gave out my prize (Kitesurfkings Style Prize) of a new 2012 pro model wakeskate signed by Andre Phillip and better still we put all of the prize money behind the bar and drank it!

big air open

Big Air Open


Some of Kitesurfkings proudest moments of 2012 saw Kitesurfking students going from never flying a kite to kiting safely with confidence and landing back rolls in three months! Taking two young school groups through the Kitesurfkings Beginner course and them all receiving the rewards for their hard work. A 74 year old student who took themselves for a body drag and continues to practice with the view to sailing into the sunset in 2013 (watch this space!). Students who have triumphed over their own initial fears, listened, put in the effort and then fell in love with kitesurfing.

Kitesurf Back Roll

Our Egypt coaching weeks sold out again and we lucked out with totally awesome groups and awesome wind again!

We were really lucky with wind, especially in week two and maximised it by running regular down winders through some awesome lagoons, through mangroves and over sandbars 😉

IMG_7698 kitesurf egypt kitesurfkings

No South African trip this year as 2013 kicked off with another of Kitesurfkings kiting extravaganzas to Zanzibar!

kitesurf kitesurfkings holidays

All of our Zanzibar kitesurfing trips have been magical but for some reason this was the best so far; the group were perfect, the wind blew everyday, the food was incredible and the kite sessions out of this world amazing… we’re trying to offer a July 13 trip just to meet demand!

These Cabrinha and Fexifoil discounts are too good not to share!

Here at Kitesurfkings we retail some of the top kitesurfing brands in the industry; maybe we don’t shout about it enough as our dedication to kitesurfing focusses massively on our expert tuition but kite selection also requires expert guidance. Our expertise in kitesurfing comes from having managed or owned kitesurfing shops, taught and tested on hundreds of different kites and through our own passion of the sport. We are dedicated to giving the best possible advice and ensuring all of our customers buy the kit that is right for them. We strive to give the best price available on the current kite market with every sale and don’t want people to just jump on which kites might be on sale or clearance… that’s why this blog and the one to follow are somewhat against the grain. There are some crazy discounts on some of the latest and greatest kites on the market that we are able to offer but encourage getting in contact to ensure you end up with the right kite for your needs and not just the ‘best’ deal.

Kitesurfkings can always price match when products are in stock. We are currently able to offer 2012 Cabrinha Nomad kites, 2012 Cabrinha Drifter kites and 2012 Cabrinha Crossbow kites for up to 30% off the kites RRP. As well as this we are able to offer up to 30% off on a handful of the 2012/2011/2010 Cabrinha kite board and surfboards!

Kitesurfkings are also proud to bring to you an incredible deal from the top guys at Flexifoil HQ… read, get excited and give us a call with your card details! Never before have we seen buy two get one free deals on kites so this is a first from the UK’s number one kite brand, Flexifoil. All cards are excepted and many of the kites are in stock for same or next day delivery. Call the Kitesurfkings office on (44) 01273 88 88 33 and get your deposits down ASAP! If we are at the beach try 07878 399 419 as we’re here to help, whether it’s on the beach or in the office.

Take note: the Flexifoil ‘buy two, get one free deal’ is only valid until the end of June but we are happy to hold kit with a deposit.


Exciting times! We have the first 2012 Cabrinha kites, they’re clearing customs now and will be with us within the next 7 days! read about um….

Kitesurfkings were proud to offer the south coast’s first demo of cabrinha’s 2012 product range and stoked that we had wind! Not just another windy day on the south coast but one that coincided with the 2012 Cabrinha Demo Day. Loads of nice dudes came down to Shoreham Beach to check out the lastest inovations from Cabrinha, as we were blessed with wind we all gave the kit a good hammering and only left the beach as it got dark… the new toys were just too much fun to put down!

Before I warm my fingers up ready to share all that we found out about the new kites it’s important to let any guys that haven’t owned one of the 2010 or 2011 Cabrinha kites know about some of the foundations Cabrinha are continuing to build on. Cabrinha own the SPRINT inflation system that allows you to inflate your kite through one single point on the centre of the leading edge through an airlock valve so that no air can escape = no time wasted and a nice solid kite. Cabrinha have an advanced one pump inflation system so you don’t have to pump up the struts separately but can still lock off the air between then leading edge and the struts so as not to be a safety issue should you ever get a puncher.

Cabrinha are the only kite manufacture to offer such a safe and tidy bar system, there are huge advancements and industry firsts with the 2012 Quicklink system but the previous two models also benefited from having an internal safety line running inside the centre line that prevents it getting snagged or being warn through contact with the bar. Cabrinha’s IDS safety system smashes all other kite brands because it does not compromise safety for any level of rider, where riding for the first time or regularly pulling off unhooked tricks. Cabrinha’s IDS safety system is built into the chicken loop and you do not attach your safety leash to the safety line its self so that when doing unhooked tricks the leash does not have to be moved and safety is not compromised… mind blowing that other brands are still to cotton on! Still, it makes my kite purchasing a lot simpler each year.

Cabrinha invest a mammoth amount of money into developing and testing new and innovative ideas to the benefit of the spot and us the riders to insure they remain the largest selling kite brand in the world and Cabrinha riders remain the safest and happiest we can be… must mention that there’s no unzipping of trousers or getting down on ones knees here but unless you’re in the know it’s nice to get trustworthy info from those you kite with and over the the last 6 years of selling Cabrinha kites I have not had, or known of one warranty issue with a Cabrinha kite! I’ve had to replace a set of lines and some foot straps and I heard or one guy managing to damage his board back in 2005 but there has never been an issue with any of the Cabrinha kites sold! A nice claim worth SHOUTING about.

Lots of the guys that came down already ride Cabrinha kites and wanted to see the new Quick Link 2012 bar, ride the new additions to the Cabrinha family and feel the changes made to the kites they already own before ordering their 2012 kite quivers but there were also plenty of kitesurfers currently riding other brands.

The 2012 Cabrinha Switchblade certainly stole a few hearts and converted riders from North, Flexi and RRD, to name but a few. The Cabrinha Switchblade does seem to remain the kite of choice for the masses as it delivers in every area without compromise. It is not the best wave riding kite in the Cabrinha range, nor the best kite for unhooking but for an all round kite to make you smile through every session it remains, in our eyes, the top dog; Kiteworld describe the Cabrinha switchblade as the Rolls Royce of kitesurfing kites.

The 2012 Cabrinha Switchblade still comes in most sizes… 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 meter options so you should be able to find the kite you’re after, pricing range from £1049 to £1499 complete with the 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink bar system. All of the 2012 Cabrinha kites can be bought as kite only, give us a shout of you want to get the pricing for these or find out about kite packages and offers.

The 2012 Cabrinha Nomad is certainly the best kite for out and out freestyle with it’s unhooked and kite looping capabilities. We certainly had a lot of fun putting it through it’s passes yesterday and am looking forwatd to getting my hands on my own kites! The 2012 Cabrinha Nomad remains a kite that you have to fly but it’s a pleasure to do exactly that. Because of the Nomad’s C shape characteristics it is not a kite that will keep on pulling through the low end of it’s wind range but if it were, unhooking and looping the kite in stronger winds would only be for the insane… not just mildly stupid.

One friend and fellow Cabrinha fan who started off riding the Cabrinha Crossbow but progressed onto the Nomad and has a quiver of 2011 Nomads was impressed by the faster turning ability of the 2012 Nomad and could appreciate the fine tunning and tinkering that has been done to the kite. For those who don’t have previous experience to fall back on just know that this is an amazing kite that Cabrinha have managed to improve.

The 2012 Cabrinha Nomad comes in 5.5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 meter options, pricing ranges from £1099 to £1449 complete with the 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink bar system. All of the 2012 Cabrinha kites can be bought as kite only, give us a shout of you want to get the pricing for these or find out about kite packages and offers.

What can we say about the Crossbow that you won’t already know? Probably nothing so here it is once again. Still a first class ride that makes kitesurfing easy, has a huge wind range, instant relaunch and bomb proof construction. The 2012 Cabrinha Crossbow is still not the kite for you if you are wishing to unhook or kite loop unless in light winds or you’re part human and part machine. The Cabrinha Crossbow is the kite of choice for riders that want a solid upwind machine that is a pleasure to ride and to enjoy big floaty airs with; a powerful kite with the largest wind range and best relaunch, if there were ever an auto pilot mode here it is, all you need to do is lean back and smile.

New for 2012 we have the Cabrinha Crossbow Light wind; with some serious fine tuning and the reduction of struts from the crossbow’s standard 7 strut design to just 5 the guys at the Cabrinha lab managed to create a new beast. The Crossbow we all know and love comes in 7, 9, 10 and 11 meter options then the kite becomes a new beast… the Cabrinha Crossbow LW, which comes in 13, 16 and 18 meter options. Not many people know about the 18 meter option and you’ll not see it listed on the Cabrinha website but if you want the beast we can get it for you. Based on a 75kg rider the 18m Crossbow LW is said to fly from 5 to 12 knots; if you want to be the envy of your friends, who kite from 12 knots onwards, here you are.

The 2012 Cabrinha Crossbow comes in 7, 9, 10 and 11 meter options, with the 2012 Cabrinha Crossbow LW kicking in with sizes 13, 16 and 18 meters. Prices range from £1299 to £1549 for the 16m, all complete with the 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink bar system. All of the 2012 Cabrinha kites can be bought as kite only, give us a shout of you want to get the pricing for these or find out about kite packages and offers.

Whoo hoo, new for 2012 there are (as if you didn’t already know!) two new kites, one being the Vector and the other the Drifter. Both the Vector and Drifter are hybrid kite and so are fast turning kites with rapid depower and stable arcs. Sadly the Drifter was the one kite not in use on the demo day and so we’re waiting to get our hands on it but we had the Vector and gave it a good hammering. The 2012 Cabrinha Vector is the new all round freeride  kite with park and ride simplicity, a kite that, unlike the 2011 Cabrinha Convert, can be used for kite loops and basic unhooked tricks even in the larger sizes. All of the feedback on the Kitesurfkings demo day about the 2012 Cabrinha Vector was positive, and like the rest of the 2012 Cabrinha range the kites look the nuts and all come with the 2012 quicklink control system.

I personally found the feel of the kite to be a little soft but then this is to be expected of any 3 strut, all round kite that aims to cover every aspect of kiting and be a kite that riders of all levels can fly. I was very pleasantly surprised that one kite managed to cover so much but retain an entry level price point. The 2012 Cabrinha Vector comes in 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14 meter options, priced from £899 to £1249 complete with the 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink bar system.

We’re really excited about flying this one… Pete Cabrinha’s own little baby to go with his new signature kitesurf and surf, surfboard for 2012. This is Cabrinha’s new dedicated wave riding kite that will also complement wakeskates and skimboards. The big idea with this kite is that it’s there but you don’t even have to think about it so you can get on with surfing without worrying about your kite. Fast turns and real stability were always going to be must haves for the Drifter but the main objective of the 2012 Cabrinha Drifter is that it offers ‘slack line drift’, the kite’s ability to stay in aloft even when the lines are temporarily slackened. It all sounds bloody great and we’ve no reason to disbelieve any of Cabrinha’s claims as they’ve delivered on past claims but sadly we’ve not yet had a play. If, like us you’re dead keen to have a fly of this little badboy then go to the Kitesurfkings Facebook page and ‘like it’, or ‘follow it’, or whatever you have to do and we’ll let you know when it’s here for you to take out. If you’re anti Facebook then I’m sure you turn like the rest of us but until you do you can ‘like’, or ‘follow’, or whatever you have to do to get blog notifications to your email… hopefully you’re on this already, link’s at the bottom of the page and you just have to slip your email address in there.

The 2012 Cabrinha Drifter comes in 5.5, 7, 9 and 11 meter options, priced from £1099 to £1299 complete with the 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink bar system. All of the 2012 Cabrinha kites can be bought as kite only, give us a shout of you want to get the pricing for these or find out about kite packages and offers.

Loads of fun was had putting the 2012 Cabrinha kites through their paces, flying, jumping, kitelooping, unhooking, relaunching, activating the safety systems both in the water and on the beach and generally admiring them. If there’s anything you’d like to know about the kites, want to get your hands on one or have anything to add or share then please get in touch. Please email info@kitesurfkings.com, call the office on +44 (0) 1273 88 88 33 or check out the full Cabrinha catalog on our website’s kit page through http://www.kitesurfkings.com

We will have the kites in stock within the next 7 days and if you want to be the first to own one of these great new toy you can be! All card’s accepted to you’ve time to order a new credit card and get dialling 01273 88 88 33! Free kite lessons with new kit and free delivery… how nice are we!

We’ve tested all the kites and boards and the board write up will follow shortly… there’s a storm outside to attend to!

Thanks for taking time to read the blog, do sign up to get blog notifications to your email with the link at the bottom of the page and sign up for the Kitesurfkings Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on fun stuff like kite demos, cable sessions, down winders, 30% off 2011 kites… fun and important stuff like that.




Don’t like getting the ‘Dude’? Just double Dude then Dude… it’s the way forwards! Personally I love the ‘Dude’, Dude…

Been ages since the last Kitesurfkings blog entry, won’t apologize as I’m sure no one’s that bothered but going to make an effort to catch up today and share the love, and more importantly the news. There’s a free kite clinic with spaces left up for grabs, Kirsty Jones has invited 6 kiters to join her over in Lanzarote, Lewis Crathern has the launch of his documentary next week, Paddle Around the Pier is just around the corner, the cable’s provided fun times and more sessions are booked (I’ll post some fun pics from Tuesday’s Kitesurfkings private session :)), kitesurfing lessons have been a blast, we’ve discounted the pants off the last 2010 kit, there have been some epic kitesurfing sessions had locally and we’ve epic international sessions coming up. I’ll post in sections in case you wanna cut straight to the chase…

Firstly, if you can get away from the 25th June for a week then don’t miss this opportunity…

Kirsty Jones

Kirsty Jones, 3x World Champion and more importantly super lovely kite and yoga coach:

Named as The Kirsty Jones Experience, this one week kitesurf, yoga, surf and SUP trip is being run by Kirsty Jones herself from her second home of Lanzarote. Kirsty will be looking after a group of no more than 6 people for 7 days of kitesurfing lessons, yoga and surfing fun. The beach house that has been booked for the week is awesome, right next to Famara beach where you’d be kitesurfing and where you’ll be finishing some of your down winders, the beach house has it’s own pool, terrace, BBQ area ect ect… I’ve seen it, it’s seriously smart. As well as 5 days of kitesurfing coaching there’s loads more, including a boat trip to near by Graciosa Island, best plan is to have a read yourself and get yourself out there. The trip has been put together by African Space Kite Surfing, so go to the African Space website if this LINK TO THE TRIP is not working.  

Another big name in the kitesurfing world is Lewis Crathern, and hasn’t he been busy…

Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathern, The Man That Touched The Sky:

What a dude! An inspiration to all kitesurfers, Lewis’ story of how he came to jump Brighton Pier is now part of a documentary about Lewis that will be released eminently. You can watch a trailer for Lewis’ documentary ‘The Man That Touched The Sky’ by following this link: Lewis Crathern, The Man That Touched The Sky or going to the Kitesurfkings Facebook page. We’re invited to the premier of Lewis’ documentary next Tuesday and so will be able to fill you in then.

Lewis was seen this week on BBC One’s Blue Peter, a link’s up on the Kitesurfkings Facebook page and we recommend checking it out, regardless of your age, for some top tips that’ll help with your wakeboarding. The BBC guys all met up with Lewis at the wakeboarding cable at Hove Lagoon and he put them through their paces.

Lewis runs his own UK clinics and you can get info on those directly through his own windmachine website, there’s also loads of interesting info and Lewis’ own take on wind, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. If you want to get away on one of Lewis Crathern’s International Kite Clinics then you need to get in touch with African Space Kitesurfing, CHECK OUT THE INFO HERE, or get in touch with us a line at Kitesurfkings (WWW.KITESURFKINGS.COM) as I, Luke,  will also be joining Lewis on his next international kite clinic which is happening on the 13th October in Egypt… can’t wait!

There have been some epic sessions of late and I’ve enjoyed hearing about other people’s so thought I’d share a couple of my own from the last few weeks as they seemed to get a laugh out of the guys in Shoreham and might encourage you lovely readers to tell us what you’ve been up to…

UK Kitesurf Sessions

Late for an appointment:

Thursday the 1st June 2011 was an epic day by all accounts; the sun was thinking about showing it’s face, the wind was up, waves were in and lessons were cancelled due to the serious, window rattling, conditions that we were greeted with early doors. seldom do kitesurf instructors get to kite the really sweet days as lessons need to run lessons around low tide, when the wind is really pumping lessons can’t run and by 11am on the 1st the wind was already solidly over 40 mph. I made every effort to complete some of the back log of admin (yawn) so I could get out for a cheeky kite session before a doctors appointment at 14.00 in Kemp Town. At 12.00 I phoned John E B in Shoreham to see if he’d be up for a kite, he’d been itching to get out too and so there wasn’t much convincing needed; we agreed to meet up by the beach huts in Shoreham at 12.30. I arrived late and so John was already on the water, powered on his 6m and riding a surfboard. There was no one else around so I quickly pumped up my 7m (should have gone 5 but you know how it is) and self launched, thank you Cabrinha for making such a long centre line!!

We were having an awesome session, the wind was solid and the waves were some of the best I’d enjoyed in Shoreham this year, as you’d imagen there wasn’t much skill needed to do massive boosts so spent half the time in the air and the rest lost in the waves. At the back of my mind I knew I could only stay out for a short time if I were to be back in Kemp Town before 14.00. Before long it was time to come off the water but we’d travelled half way down Shoreham Beach and edging upwind on the 7m was seriously tiring. I started to battle myself about what to do, scrap the appointment, self land and run to the van, keep edging upwind or go for gold and just kite there? John knew I had the appointment and so I gave him a wave and off I went with my kite.

In total it took about 35mins to get from Shoreham to Kemp Town; when you’re driving the route it feels slow when you do it in 25, try it on a kite when it’s 45 mph and you’re heading straight down wind! I went past a couple of groups on the way but didn’t have time to be sociable. There were a couple of people kitesurfing Hot Pipes and just up from King Alfred but there weren’t many kiters out. Gotta say that if you weren’t out that day you really missed out, the waves were sweet all the way along and seemed to get much larger the further out the back of Brighton and Hove I went.

As I came in I was greeted by one of the Brighton Sea Front guys on his quad, he’d been watching me kite as I came in and I recognized the dude. He didn’t have any beef at all but said that there’d been a report of someone hammering down the coast on a kite so he had to come and check it out. Wearing a wet wetsuit and having bare feet in the appointment I obviously felt like a plum and my mrs wasn’t best but I did clear up the puddle before I left, anything goes in Brighton and if I’d have missed the kite session I’d have been kicking myself. 

I’m planning the same route with some mates and we’ll take our time and enjoy it all this time! Kiting alone is never a good move but in my defence I did have an impact vest on for buoyancy, the Cabrinha kites relaunch effortlessly, I only ride new kit so it’s in optimum condition, the safety system always works, I didn’t kite much further than I could swim or go too close to the piers, John knew where I was going and a 35min down winder doesn’t seem like a long trip after having done down winders in South Africa and Zanzibar… safety hat on, box ticked.  

Night kite:

On Wednesday the 8th June 2011 I met up with a best friend, Chris (aka Simo) with the view to having a kite, it was already 20.30 and we knew we had to get on it if we were to get a kitesurf session in before it got dark. We didn’t get on it and it started to get late, we roped in the assistance of a helpful kite bitch (none derogatory name for kite helper) and got a lift to Hot Pipes, set up and got out for 21.40. The light was amazing, yes there was still light, the wind just enough for a sweet 7m session and the waves had way more volume than we usually get in Brighton. I have to say the start of the session was the best I have had this year.

We didn’t get too close to the groynes or various bits of metal work that protrude from the sea behind the industrial estate but did go Mc Donalds stylie LARGE! Simo smashed up the waves, clearing each groyne space with a single wave and I tried doing the same airborne, until it got darker when we both just enjoyed the power of the waves and being perfectly lit on our 7m Switchblaes and ‘at one’ (yo) with the elements as we tuned in to the light from the half moon and white of the waves.

It really was a dream session until we got to about Moroccos where I came unhooked on accident, easily fixed as not over powered. After getting hooked back in and back into the session my foot strap came out, doh! Not ideal but just ment riding down wind like a man with one leg until that got boring and flipped to using the board to body drag. We came in just before Regency Square and the old West Pier at 22.25 where our favourite kite bitch waited with a flash light to greet us.

Generally night sessions are massive no go for kitesurfing but like base jumping and the likes there are things one can do to make such sessions as risk free as possible. We do not recommend kiting at night, who knows what’s in the sea and how would anyone find you if you had a problem? We kite together all the time, didn’t get any further than 200m from one another, didn’t go out further than we could swim, still had enough light to see the important stuff and had beach support following us along the road and waiting on the beach for our return. Tick.

Beer tastes so much better when you’ve really earnt it.

if you’ve any epic sessions or just one that’ll get a laugh or teach a lesson, then ping it over to us here to the Kitesurfkings blog, post it on the Kitesurfkings Facebook page or email it over to info@kitesurfkings.com and we’ll pop it up for you.

Cable Sessions at Hove Lagoon

Our Kitesurfkings private cable sessions are always fun… unable to upload the quality pics but will try and get a couple from Tuesday’s cable session online later as they’re well worth a look. Next session is next Thursday; we don’t run them to make money, there is no financial gain to us just a saving to you and guaranteed laughs. Find us on Facebook if you want to get involved.

Free Stuff

KB4 Girls next event is happening in Lancing next weekend but sadly blokes don’t qualify just by wearing a skirt, I have checked. I’m not sure what the ruling is on ladyboys… I encourage any of you kitesurfing ladyboys out there to test the water. There are still places up for grabs and if you’re keen then give us a shout at Kitesurfkings and chat to Andrina as she’s organising the event. Did I mention it’s free?

Paddle Around the Pier is just around the corner and although there might not have been the usual amount of advertising for the event this year it’s set to be bigger and better than ever. Kitesurfkings will be down there with a stand and hanging out with our friends at Orb360, Hove Lagoon and the likes. Do come and say hi, there’ll be prizes and offers exclusively for the event and it’ll generally be a fun weekend with stuff to do, to watch and to try. So, that’s Paddle Around the Pier on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July.

Gotta finish this blog! Kitesurfkings have some new and still boxed Cabrinha 2010 IDS kites that we can practically give away… well, not quite but almost! There’s a good chance it’s been too windy recently for your current kit or you’re lacking in confidence because you don’t have the latest, safest safety system?? Well, here’s your chance to put that right and grab a 7 or 9m Cabrinha IDS kite for a song! Well, about 600 quid including the bar, lines, leash, pump ect (which cost £360 on their own!). If you want one then gimmie a call on 07878 399 419 (Luke).

Zaafarana baby!!! Umm kitesurfing holidays! Kitesurfkings next group kitesurfing trip to Zaafarana kicks off tomorrow, in style, with a great group of 10 up for it kiters of mixed abilities. Who’s the group leader for this one?! Yeah man…

Can not wait! Spoke to the rest of the guys and everyone is pumped and counting down the minutes!! I’ve got bags packed, all four of them! Maxing out with a full quiver of 2010 Cabrinha Convers, 2010 Cabrinha Swtichblades, one 2010 Cabrinha Crossbow and one 2010 Cabrinha Nomad thrown in for fun, topped off with a 2010 Cabrinha Custom 136 – and that’s just my kit. Ummm Cabrinha, each to their own but my own is Cab….

The flat water lagoons and smooth steady wind is the perfect testing and progression ground for Kitesurfers. I know some of the other guys will be bringing out their wake bindings and just about eveyone has new toys for this next Kitesurfkings group trip. Mark my words, the guys just up and riding will be jumping and riding toe side, those not up will be cruising up wind and those jumping already will have to see what they have in the bravery tank to see how far they can take it.

Don’t miss out on our next sessions – haven’t you earned a real kitesurfing holiday? – we’ve got advanced session to Coche in South America with Christian and Karine in May, followed by Zaafarana in June and more Kitesurfkings group sessions up for grabs too. Email interest to info@kitesurfkings.com

We’ve had loads of people saying how jealous they are, well sell your TV and come and enjoy your life!

Kitesurfing in the snow!

January 19, 2010

Check out these kitesurfing photos from last week’s kiting in Lancing…I said I’d get hold of them and here they are:

Here you’ve got Olly Sweeney (Liquid Force Rider) setting his kite up on the ‘green’, although not very green!

Here’s Dan Sweeney (Cabrinha Kitesurfing Rider) with a rather blinging new 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade 8m kite and Cabrinha Custom 2010 kite board.

Kitesurfing runs in their blood it seems, and maybe that helped keep um warm?!

There’s a healthy rivalry between these boys, both living and breathing kitesurfing and representing two very different kitesurfing brands. These boy can both kite!!

Dan Sweeney, from Worthing, is the UK Junior kitesurfing Champion you can follow him at: www.dansweeneyuk.co.uk

Craig Swayer took these photos but you can check out some more of his pics via his site which is: www.craigsawyerphotography.co.uk

Below are some other photos from our kitesurfing session in Lancing last Tuesday:

Wind, Wind & More Wind!

November 18, 2009

Big smiles, big air and big waves for South Coast riders…

It’s been nice to see lots of people out along the South Coast this week; seeing lots of kitesurfers and windsurfers along the coast from Brighton/Hove, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing, Goring, Littlehampton and beyond (is there anywhere else? Not that we need to travel when there are south-westerly winds!).

You’re going to see lots more of the same over the next week or so as the forecast is bloody great! Today’s already quite fruity as gusting high 40’s and looks like we’ll keep 7m weather for the rest of the day. If you’re a low tide rider there’s still just enough light left for you to squeeze sessions today and tomorrow. Tomorrow the wind looks equally fruity but could chill out a bit towards the end of the day.

If you’re still leaning to kitesurf and are in need of slightly calmer winds than we’ve been experiencing then Friday is looking good for you, don’t wait for the weekend as the wind is due to kick in again and could well be bang on shore. Tuesday next week is looking like another good day for you but don’t the forecasts like to change!!

Had a really nice ride on Monday in Hove and it was really nice to see some of the Hove kitesurf massive out, you know who you are. Had a chance to put the 7m 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade for a couple of runs now and, like the rest of the 2010 Cabrinha range, it did not disappoint. Super east to control and relaunch, with a constant pull and direct feel; can’t wait to get back out on it to give it a more of a test run but so far I’ve not found a fault.

Zaafaran Student Trip feedback has been great and everyone loved the spot, our group and the fact they had wind everyday. 2010 Cabrinha Nomads, Crossbows and Converts were taken out to test and have been given both thumbs up from the guys. Chris has been loving the Nomad and claims it’s the best kite he’s ever flown for unhooked riding. Cabrinha have been doing lots right and have not only changed the look of their kite range but have managed to improve the performance – thank you Cabrinha! Kitesurfkings had already ordered the full Cabrinha range, for the school, personal use and resale before they came out, all based on the success of previous years, fortunately there are NO regrets!


Not had swine flu yet? Keep it that way, it sucks!! Kite surfing lessons have still been carried out buy the KSK’s team and our Student Session to Zaafarana continued as planned, gutted I didn’t get to join the session to Zaf but we still had two IKO instructors for the group and everyone has been having a blinder, wind everyday! New guys that are now kite surfers! Yeah baby!! More details when the guys get back next week.

So, Zaafarana…

Maybe not the place to go on your own but if you’re interested in joing a group then we have Beginner Kitesurfing Sessions and Advanced Kite Clinics planned for 2010 – don’t miss out, get in contact.

Brighton, Shoreham, Lancing and South Coast kitesurfing in general has been a challenge in terms of kite surfing lessons because there’s not as much light any more and the wind has either been too light or too strong; Kitesurfkings are not giving up on you! We are still teaching and will continue to do so. Lessons are cancelled for tomorrow as 60mph winds and 15ft swell is not what we’re looking for but it could be good times for experienced kite surfers.

2010 Cabrinha kit has been making its way to us in bits and pieces, we love you Cabrinha kites! How nice are the 2010 Cabrinha kites!!! If you have not seen, flown or investigated them yet then what have you been doing?! Kitesurfkings are agents for Cabrinha Kitesurfing and have Cabrinha Switchblades, Cabrinha Converts, Cabrinha Crossbows and Cabrinha Nomads in stock – Cabrinha tastic!! Give me a call directly to chat kit and deals (Luke 07878 399 419). I’m looking forward to trying the smaller sized kites tomorrow and getting to play on the new Cabrinha Custom board; I’ve had a play already and it is like no other board, a nice toy to add to the colection. Anyway, kit, kit, kit…

Hope to see the South Coast massive representing South Coast kitesurfing tomorrow, it’s gonna be big! If you’re still early days or still learning to kitesurf (hopefully we’re all still learning – hope you know what I mean) then just hang out and save it for Sunday as it could be a lot calmer.