Thanks for the texts about our bit on the BBC, it’ll be on Kitesurfkings TV on the main site by next week.

Bummer they didn’t use as much footage as we’d have liked, so interviews with Dan, Elliot and Karen were not used but we’ll get hold of footage.

Missing the wind? Us too! Today was the one day it might have happened but it’s not looking promising for anyone wishing to go kitesurfing.

A few guys are planning kite landboarding sessions for the w’end to catch the light northerly’s. If you’re up for it you can post here and we’ll hook you up.

Kitesurfkings and some of the crew will be on BBC Inside Out South East at 7.30pm tonight. Luke teaches Kaddy Lee-Preston to kite, Dan Sweeney, Olly Sweeney and John Woods are out on the water. It’s gonna be a gamble in terms of what they use as were filming all day but the piece could be just a few minutes long. Interviews were done with Luke, Dan, Elliot and Karen but we’ve not seen what will be on TV tonight – guaranteed to be embarrassing whatever’s used! If you’d like to see it but don’t get South East then it will be on BBC iplayer.

Forecast wind?…Na…High pressure is back! None kitesurfers are loving the sun and lack of wind and hopefully everyone else is loving memories of the windy w’end sessions.

Looking forward to the release of Kitesurf Beaches later this week!!!

What a fun day, long but fun! We met the BBC South East team at Devil’s Dyke early doors to do some filming of our kite landboarding site but the weather was nasty! The producer arrived bang on time, closely followed by the camera man and then, not so closely but in great spirits, came the PR rep and Kaddy the presenter and weather lady. The view up at Devil’s Dyke is stunning but it was hard to see more than a couple of hundred meters in any direction. Gray, wet and windy was the day ahead…yeah baby, windy! So, all good really!! After a bit of filming at Devil’s Dyke it was straight to Shoreham Beach.

We headed down to Shoreham Beach, had a coffee and met up with the rest of the guys who were getting involved for the day: John (donning a wetsuit rather than a dry suit for the first time this year, using him as a human thermometer I’d say that’s a good sign), Dan (Cabrinha and NPX’d to the max), Olly (representing for Liquid Force), Craig (doing a behind the scenes shoot with all his phat high-tech camera goodness), Elliot (star of the show, pinging around a powerkite whilst being interviewed) and Karen (Elliot’s step mum, a master at looking good whilst being wind swept and interviewed).

Elliot and Karen were interviewed first, flying a powerkite on Shoreham Beach, the wind was already up to 18 knots and quite gusty so Elliot was doing really well (obviously had great instruction!) to keep such great control and be interviewed at the same time. John, Dan and Olly were then in the water, mid tide and bang on shore with a bit of shore dump – fortunately still styling it out with some exceptionally risky kitesurfing tricks, especially from Dan who seemed to enjoy landing kite loops in six inches of water (big up – but remember you’re off to Maui next week fella!).

Between Craig and the BBC lots of great kiting was caught on camera. I (I’m Luke, ‘hi’) taught Kaddy to powerkite and answered some questions and generally had fun, hope it comes out O.K. Dan had an interview too and went out to show some more kitesurfing tricks in the shore dump at high tide. The new HD Go-Pro cameras (which Kitesurfkings sell – pimp, pimp, pimp) caught some super slick footage from Dan’s board and we’ll get that on Kitesurfkings TV, along with the BBC stuff, when it’s ready. Show is on BBC Inside Out South East on 1st March – or check it on BBC iplayer any time after that.