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We’re going to use this page to as a way of keeping you informed about what Kitesurfkings are up to and also what is happening in the kiting world that you might like to get involved with. Kitesurfing, powerkiting and kite landboarding rule but it is good to have a balanced life so we’ll let you know of other fun things going on. We’ll try and keep you up to date with wind forecast info for the UK, focusing on the south coast and also let you know about kitesurfing sessions and events.

We have a live weather station for Shoreham Beach that you can access from the home page of our main website. You’ll also be able to check out cool kitesurfing videos on Kitesurfkings TV (also from the main Kitesurfkings website), there’s some info about some of our friends, lesson pricing, locations, directions and contact details. You can also join our mailing list via the home page of our website, which is how to find out about some of the trips and sessions we’ll be running. Check out the website and join the mailing list – follow us on Facebook (which we’ve just started giving a go so we’ll see how that works out?!) – subscribe to this Blog and we’ll keep you in the loop and share the love as much as we can.

We are based in Sussex and teach the majority of our kitesurf, powerkite and landboarding lessons from our centres in Brighton (East Sussex) and Shoreham By Sea (West Sussex). Kitesurfings’ kitesurfing lessons can only be done when the tide, wind direction and wind speed are all correct. Powerkite and kite landboarding lessons also need the correct wind speeds and lessons cannot always be offered if the conditions are not good but that doesn’t mean that the Kitesurfkings instructors and ex-students won’t be kitesurfing somewhere on the south coast, so come and join us. It can also be nice to mix it up a bit in a crew and kite over at Camber Sands, Pevensey, or closer to home in Hove, Lancing, Goring, Worthing, or Littlehampton. We’re big fans of south coast down winders, kite in the UK and abroad, like having a good time on and off the water, love kiting sessions with the Shoreham Beach Kitesurf Club Crew and are always up for a kite session – so, why not get involved?!

As well as kitesurfing and kite landboarding sessions on the south coast we love a good road trip and there are plenty of great places to kitesurf, powerkite and kite landboard. We’ve done some sweet road trips to Kent, Wales and Cornwall, where we tend to camp or stay at friends’ guest houses, will be continuing to do more of the same and also mix it up a bit and check out some of the other great spots around the UK for 2010 and onwards.

If you like the idea of kitesurfing abroad, which must be all kitesurfers that can handle getting on a plane, then make sure you join our mailing list so that we can offer you the chance to come with us. We have done some great student sessions abroad where everyone has loved kiting in a group and having everything taken care of for them so they can concentrate on kitesurfing and having a good time. Some of the locations we have been kiting aboard include various spots around South America, most spots in Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Lanzarote, Kenya, St Lucia and Thailand.

We offer coaching on our student sessions but also run other international trips for kitesurfers who just want to kite in the best locations with a nice mixed group of kitesurfers. As well as the Kitesurfkings sessions there are the Christian and Karine Kite Clinics that are at the pinnacle of any kitesurfers dream kiting sessions and where you really can take your kitesurfing to new levels. If you’re already a pro kitesurfer then you’ve probably already received coaching from Christian and Karine.

Kitesurfkings are also the Cabrinha Kitesurfing agents for the Sussex area and so stock Cabrinha kit and offer free lessons with kitesurfing kit packages. As well as great deals on Cabrinha kit we sell Flexifoil, Liquid Force, Brunotti, Peter Lynn, HQ, Alba, Neil Pryde, NPX, Rad Sails ect ect ect.

If you wanna chat kit, lessons, trips, kitesurfing or otherwise then the call the office on 01273 88 88 33 (always leave a message if we can’t answer) or email info@kitesurfkings.com – loads more info on the website at http://www.kitesurfkings.com

Sunset Kitesurfing Session in Shoreham

Carving Flat Water on Student Session to Zaafarana

Powerkiting and Kite Landboarding - KSK Private Spot - Devil's Dyke Brighton

Kitesurfing Fun - Sometimes Doing Tricks, Sometimes Just Cruising

Kitesurfing Fun - Sometimes Doing Tricks, Sometimes Just Cruising

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