Tough Kitesurfing Conditions

December 1, 2009



Not gonna love this but have got our health and safety hats on…

It’s great to see the crew’s kitesurfing along the south coast and that we’ve had so much wind! O.k, so it’s not the warmest but the Hove hardcore, Lancing looneys and Shoreham massive have been putting on extra layers, getting into the sea and riding the waves. If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that we don’t manage to get much further than that, a bit sad, also what rhymes with Worthing, Goring or Littlehampton?

Lots of south coast kitesurfers have been getting caught out quite a bit recently; one minute it’s windy, the next it’s not, windy, not, windy, not, off shore! Nice! Gotta expect challenging kitesurf conditions in the winter months but we’ve had to rescue quite a few kiters in Shoreham (including the odd self rescue). The life boats have been out rescuing kiters too and as far as we know no one has come to any serious harm.

It’s great no one has come to any harm and it is always a bit of a mission kitesurfing through the winter but there are things we can do, like not going so far out the back and always having a kite buddy. We’re not your parents but don’t want anyone to get into any trouble or for the sport to loose face. If you’re still early days in terms of your kitesurfing progression then get some advise, wrap up super warm in case you do get caught out and be mindful that 25 knots in the winter is like 30 in the summer. Lecture over!


2 Responses to “Tough Kitesurfing Conditions”

  1. JohnONolan said

    I’ve only just started learning, and have always been suprised that some of you guys go at it through the winter. Now that’s dedication – personally I think I might wait for it to warm up a bit again.

    • Hello Mate,

      That’s fair enough; I spoken to some local kiters this week who always kite the winter but who’ve just hung up their booties for a while. It’s nice that there’s more space, more wind and sweet waves but the ‘walk of shame’ can’t be too much fun. Keep at it mate, once you’ve got it nailed the cold is the only obstical. We’ve just booked some flights for another beginner trip out to Zaafarana and you’d be very welcome to join us if you like the look of it. Use the link bellow to check out the last one we ran in November (and to get you warmed up!). If the link doesn’t work then it’s on the Sessions page of site.


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