Anyone for Mountain Boarding?

June 15, 2009

1st time was lucky, 3rd time hurt!

1st time was lucky, 3rd time hurt!

So, yeah no wind but there’s more to life than just kiting. Well, that’s if you grab the wind whilst it’s there and get a board on our feet the reast of the time!

Anyone out kiting on Thursday? How good was that?! We had full groups of students that agreed to booking their lessons the same day and were super happy they did – 20 knots all evening until the sun came down. We managed to kite before lessons and the students were rocking it on lessons until 22.00! Good work, you know who you are!

Wednesday is looking like the best day this week for lessons and there’s a good chance of more wind on the way so let’s get you booked in.

If you’re up for joining us on a mountain boarding session then drop me a line and we’ll get a group together. Kit rental’s cheap and we’ll hook up a group discount if we get enough people on board. Although not as much fun as kiting it’s easy and rails, jumps and grabs could be nailed on your second go. If you’ve done it before or just wanna give it a go it’s great fun and well worth a score.

Gotta go and get on the phone to book up Wednesday, really it’s looking good – unlike today that was forecast!!

Up for coming mountain boarding drop me a line at

Up for kiting then you can drop me a line or reach any of the team at

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